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Which Korean singer converted to Islam?

Which Korean Singer Converted to Islam?

In recent years, there has been an increasing number of celebrities worldwide who have converted to Islam. One of them is a Korean singer who surprised fans with the announcement of his conversion. In this article, we will explore the identity of this celebrity and the reasons behind his decision to embrace Islam.

Background Information

Korean pop music, also known as K-pop, has gained immense popularity worldwide in recent years. This genre is known for its catchy tunes, choreographed dance routines, and slick production values. One of the most famous K-pop groups is BTS, but our focus is on a solo artist who made headlines for his conversion to Islam.

The Identity of the Korean Singer

The Korean singer who converted to Islam is none other than Choi Jong-hoon. He rose to fame as a member of the popular K-pop band FT Island. Jong-hoon was the lead guitarist and a vocalist for the group, which debuted in 2007. He later pursued a solo career and also appeared on various Korean TV shows.

The Conversion

Jong-hoon announced his conversion to Islam in 2019, surprising fans and the media alike. He revealed that he had been studying Islam for some time and was drawn to its teachings about peace, love, and compassion. He expressed his desire to become a better person through his new faith and hoped that others would understand his decision.

The Reaction

Jong-hoon’s conversion sparked mixed reactions from fans and the public. Some praised him for his courage in embracing a new faith, while others criticized him for abandoning his Korean heritage and culture. There were also concerns about how his decision would affect his career as a musician.

The Impact on His Career

Jong-hoon’s conversion did not have a significant impact on his career, as he was already on hiatus from the music industry at the time. However, some speculated that his new faith might limit his opportunities in the Korean entertainment industry, which is predominantly secular.

The Importance of Religion in Korea

Religion plays a significant role in Korean culture, with Christianity being the dominant faith. Buddhism and Confucianism also have a presence in the country. Islam, however, is a minority religion in Korea, with only a small number of converts and immigrant communities practicing it.

The Challenges of Being a Muslim in Korea

Being a Muslim in Korea can be challenging due to cultural and linguistic barriers. There are few halal restaurants or prayer facilities, and Muslims may face discrimination or misunderstanding from the majority population. However, there are efforts to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding in the country.

The Global Appeal of Islam

Islam is one of the fastest-growing religions in the world, with over 1.8 billion followers globally. It has a universal appeal due to its emphasis on social justice, equality, and compassion. Many people are drawn to Islam for its spiritual and moral teachings.

The Role of Celebrities in Promoting Islam

Celebrities have played a significant role in promoting Islam worldwide. Many have publicly declared their conversion to the faith, including Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam), Janet Jackson, and Mike Tyson. Some have also used their platform to raise awareness about Islamic issues and promote interfaith harmony.

The Significance of Jong-hoon’s Conversion

Jong-hoon’s conversion is significant as it highlights the growing appeal of Islam among younger generations and in non-Muslim countries. It also shows that people from diverse backgrounds and cultures can embrace Islam and find meaning in its teachings.

The Future of Islam in Korea

Islam is still a relatively unknown religion in Korea, but its presence is slowly growing. There are efforts to build more mosques and prayer facilities, as well as promote interfaith dialogue and understanding. The future of Islam in Korea remains uncertain, but with more converts like Jong-hoon, there is hope for a more diverse and tolerant society.


In conclusion, Choi Jong-hoon is a Korean singer who converted to Islam in 2019. His decision sparked mixed reactions from fans and the public, but it highlights the growing appeal of Islam worldwide. Islam’s emphasis on peace, love, and compassion resonated with Jong-hoon, and he hopes to become a better person through his new faith. His conversion is significant as it shows that people from diverse backgrounds and cultures can find meaning in Islam’s teachings.













It is important to note that Jong-hoon’s conversion to Islam is a personal decision and should be respected as such. Religion is a deeply personal matter, and individuals should have the freedom to choose their faith without fear of judgment or discrimination.

The Korean entertainment industry has also seen an increasing number of Muslim celebrities in recent years. For example, Malaysian actress and singer Yuna has gained a following in Korea for her unique style and soulful music. She has also been vocal about her Muslim faith and the importance of promoting unity and understanding between different cultures and religions.

In addition to celebrities, there are also various organizations and initiatives in Korea dedicated to promoting interfaith harmony and understanding. The Korea Muslim Federation is one such organization, which provides support and resources for the country’s small Muslim community.

While Islam may be a minority religion in Korea, its presence is growing, and it is important for the country to embrace diversity and promote tolerance. Through education, dialogue, and mutual respect, we can build a more inclusive society that celebrates our differences and promotes unity.

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