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Which K-pop idol doesn t drink alcohol?


The K-pop industry has been gaining popularity all around the world, and its idols are highly admired by fans. However, there are certain things that fans may not know about their favorite idols, such as their drinking habits. In this article, we will be discussing which K-pop idol doesn’t drink alcohol.

What is K-pop?

Before we dive into the topic, let’s first understand what K-pop is. K-pop refers to Korean pop music, which has gained immense popularity all around the world in recent years. It is a genre of music that originated in South Korea and includes a variety of styles such as hip hop, R&B, electronic, and rock.

The Drinking Culture in Korea

To understand why some K-pop idols don’t drink alcohol, we must first understand the drinking culture in Korea. Drinking is considered a social activity and an essential part of Korean culture. It is common for colleagues to go out for drinks after work or for friends to gather for drinking sessions.

K-pop Idols and Alcohol

Many K-pop idols are known for their partying and drinking habits. However, there are some who choose not to drink alcohol. This decision may be due to personal reasons such as health concerns or religious beliefs.

The K-pop Idol Who Doesn’t Drink Alcohol

The K-pop idol who is known for not drinking alcohol is none other than BTS member Jungkook. In a 2017 interview with Billboard, he stated that he does not drink because he wants to focus on his health and fitness.

Jungkook’s Role in BTS

Jungkook is one of the main vocalists and dancers of BTS, a seven-member boy band that has taken the world by storm. He is known for his powerful vocals and impressive dance skills, and he is considered one of the most popular members of the group.

Jungkook’s Personal Life

Jungkook is known for being a private person when it comes to his personal life. However, he has shared that he enjoys playing video games and drawing in his free time. He is also close with his family and has been seen spending time with them on multiple occasions.

The Importance of Health in K-pop

Many K-pop idols prioritize their health and fitness, as it is essential for their performance and longevity in the industry. This includes maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking and excessive drinking.

The Influence of K-pop Idols

K-pop idols have a significant influence on their fans, especially young people. As role models, they have the power to inspire their fans to make positive changes in their lives, such as prioritizing their health and well-being.

The Impact of Jungkook’s Decision

Jungkook’s decision not to drink alcohol has had a positive impact on his fans, who admire him for his dedication to his health and fitness. His decision has also helped to break down stereotypes surrounding drinking culture in Korea.


In conclusion, while many K-pop idols are known for their partying and drinking habits, there are some who choose not to drink alcohol. Jungkook of BTS is one such idol who has made the decision to prioritize his health and fitness by abstaining from alcohol. As role models, K-pop idols have the power to inspire positive changes in their fans’ lives, and Jungkook’s decision serves as an excellent example of this.

Do all K-Pop idols drink alcohol?

Drinking is a significant aspect of South Korean culture, but it is generally considered taboo for K-pop celebrities to discuss or engage in it publicly. Even if they do consume alcohol, they often do so in private settings away from the public eye.

Which BTS members don t drink alcohol?

Even though all the members of BTS are in their 20s, they have made the choice not to consume alcohol. According to the leader of the band, RM, they prioritize staying healthy for the sake of their fans.

Are Blackpink allowed to drink?

While all members of the South Korean entertainment company YG Entertainment are legally allowed to consume alcohol, the company maintains a strict policy prohibiting alcohol consumption among their artists. This policy aims to safeguard the artists’ images and promote positive behavior for their fans.

Does BTS member V drink alcohol?

V does consume drinks, but due to his low tolerance for alcohol, he frequently opts for non-alcoholic alternatives.

Can ITZY members drink alcohol?

They ensure that they consume at least one glass of drink while eating. However, presently, both the members and I have developed a liking for wine, and usually have at least one glass while eating. Wine perfectly complements the TWICE experience! It is not uncommon for a TWICE member to discuss alcohol.

Is Lisa drink alcohol?

LISA is seen as a very cool and hip woman, and it is known that she enjoys drinking whisky.

It is worth noting that some K-pop idols who choose not to drink alcohol also do so to set an example for their fans. In a culture where drinking is often seen as a social norm, it takes courage for idols to speak out about their decision not to drink. By doing so, they are encouraging their fans to make responsible decisions and prioritize their health.

Jungkook’s decision not to drink alcohol has also highlighted the importance of mental health in the K-pop industry. Mental health is a topic that has gained more attention in recent years, with many K-pop idols sharing their struggles with anxiety and depression. By prioritizing his health and well-being, Jungkook is setting an example for his fans that taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health.

In addition to abstaining from alcohol, Jungkook is also known for his dedication to fitness. He has been seen working out regularly and has even shared workout videos on social media. His commitment to fitness has inspired many fans to prioritize their own health and fitness goals.

Overall, while K-pop idols may be known for their partying and drinking habits, there are some who choose not to drink for personal or health reasons. Jungkook of BTS is one such idol who has made the decision to prioritize his health and well-being by abstaining from alcohol. His decision serves as an inspiration for his fans and highlights the importance of taking care of both your physical and mental health in the K-pop industry.

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