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What should I bring to a Korean home?

What should I bring to a Korean home?


Korea is a beautiful country with a rich culture, and if you’re planning to visit a Korean home, it’s important to know what to bring. In this article, we will discuss the appropriate gifts you can bring to a Korean home.


Flowers are always a great gift to bring to a Korean home. However, it’s important to know which flowers are appropriate. Red and yellow flowers are considered lucky in Korea, while white flowers are associated with funerals.

Fruit Basket

A fruit basket is another great gift that you can bring to a Korean home. Koreans love fresh fruits, especially during special occasions. You can include a variety of fruits such as apples, oranges, and bananas in your basket.


If you want to bring something unique, consider bringing a box of tea. Koreans love tea and have many different types available. You can choose from traditional Korean teas like green tea or try something new like ginseng tea.

Candies and Chocolates

If you’re visiting a Korean home with children, bringing candies and chocolates is always appreciated. You can choose from popular Korean candies like Pepero or try some international brands like Hershey’s or Lindt.


If you’re visiting a Korean home where the hosts enjoy alcohol, bringing a bottle of soju, Makgeolli, or other traditional Korean liquors is a great idea. However, make sure that the hosts drink alcohol before bringing it.


In Korea, handkerchiefs are considered a thoughtful and practical gift. You can choose from a variety of designs and materials, but make sure to avoid white handkerchiefs as they are associated with funerals.

Useful Items

Practical items like kitchen utensils, towels, or coasters are also great gifts to bring to a Korean home. However, make sure that the items are of good quality and not too cheap or tacky.

Cultural Items

If you want to impress your Korean hosts, consider bringing cultural items like traditional Korean fans, calligraphy sets, or Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing). These items show that you appreciate Korean culture and traditions.


If your hosts enjoy reading, bringing a book is a great idea. You can choose from popular Korean authors or international bestsellers. However, make sure that the book is appropriate for the age and interests of your hosts.

Board Games

If you’re visiting a Korean home with children, bringing board games like Jenga or Monopoly is always appreciated. It’s a great way to spend time together and have fun.


In conclusion, there are many appropriate gifts you can bring to a Korean home. The most important thing is to choose something thoughtful and respectful of their culture and traditions. With these ideas in mind, you’ll be sure to impress your Korean hosts.

What gift to bring a Korean family?

In Korea, health supplements, teas, vitamins, and red ginseng are popular gift options. Ginseng is particularly suitable as a gift for Korean in-laws. Additionally, high-end food products like Hanwoo beef, expensive mushrooms, and wild ginseng can also be sent as gifts.

What is a traditional Korean housewarming gift?

When attending a housewarming party in the United States, it is customary to bring food, snacks, or a bottle of wine as a gift. In contrast, housewarming parties in Korea, known as jipdeuri, have a unique tradition where guests typically bring rolls of toilet paper or laundry detergent, which are considered the most common and practical gifts.

What do you give a Korean host?

It is customary to bring a small gift when invited to someone’s home as a guest, such as candy, cakes, cookies, flowers, or fruit. However, it is not appropriate to give liquor as a gift to a woman. Similarly, when meeting for business purposes, exchanging gifts is a common practice.

What are good luck items in Korean culture?

Korean culture has a long-standing tradition of using charms to bring good luck and prevent harm. One such charm is the Pujok, a yellow piece of paper adorned with symbols and patterns that is believed to protect against negative spirits and attract positive energy.

What to bring to a Korean friends house?

You may want to bring food or drinks if you are invited to a home party in Korea, even if the host is a close friend. In Korean culture, what you wear is seen as a reflection of your character, so it is considered impolite to wear dirty or smelly clothes, especially since shoes are often taken off inside the home.

What is congratulatory gift in Korea?

In Korean weddings, guests traditionally give “congratulatory money” in an envelope as a gift to the couple and to help cover the cost of the reception. The amount given depends on the giver’s social status and relationship with the newlyweds, with close friends or colleagues often giving over 300,000 won ($233).

Personalized Gift

If you have a closer relationship with your Korean hosts, consider bringing a personalized gift. You can create a photo album with pictures of your time together, or make a handmade gift like a painting or pottery. These gifts show that you value your relationship and have put effort into the gift.


If you’re visiting a Korean home for a meal, it’s usually not necessary to bring food as the host will provide it. However, if you want to bring something, you can bring a dessert or snack like cookies or pastries. Just make sure to ask if there are any dietary restrictions or preferences before bringing food.

Avoid Certain Gifts

When selecting a gift for a Korean home, it’s important to avoid certain items that may be considered inappropriate or offensive. Avoid gifts that are too personal or intimate, such as lingerie or perfumes. It’s also best to avoid giving clocks or knives as they are associated with death and bad luck in Korean culture.

Gift Wrapping

In Korea, gift wrapping is an important part of gift giving. Make sure to wrap your gift neatly and use colorful wrapping paper and ribbon. You can also include a small card or note to express your gratitude and well-wishes.

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