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What is the legal age to get married in South Korea?

What is the legal age to get married in South Korea?

South Korea is one of the countries that place high value on marriage and family. However, they have strict laws regarding the legal age for marriage. Here’s a detailed look at the legal age to get married in South Korea:

Minimum Age for Marriage

The minimum age for marriage in South Korea is 18 years old. This applies to both men and women. However, people aged 16 and 17 can also get married with parental consent. If one of the parties is under 16, marriage is prohibited by law.

Penalty for Violating the Law

Violating the law on the minimum age for marriage in South Korea carries severe penalties. The court may impose a fine of up to KRW 5 million (around USD 4,500) on those who violate this law. They may also face imprisonment of up to two years.

Reasons for the Minimum Age Requirement

The minimum age requirement for marriage in South Korea aims to protect young individuals from being forced into marriages. It also ensures that people who are getting married are mature enough to make such a life-changing decision.

Marriage Registration Process

In South Korea, couples who want to get married must first register their intent to marry at a local government office. They must prepare and submit all necessary documents, including their identification cards, family register certificates, and proof of single status.

Waiting Period Before Marriage

Couples who have registered their intent to marry must wait for 30 days before they can get married. This waiting period allows anyone who may object to the marriage to voice their concerns and prevents hasty decisions or forced marriages.

Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is not legal in South Korea. However, there have been efforts by activists to push for its legalization, and the issue remains a topic of debate in the country.

International Marriage

Foreigners who want to get married to a South Korean citizen must follow the same process as locals. They must submit all necessary documents and follow the waiting period requirement. However, they may also need to obtain a certificate of eligibility to marry from their home country’s embassy in South Korea.

Civil vs. Religious Weddings

In South Korea, couples can choose to have either civil or religious weddings. Civil weddings are more common, and they are legally recognized by the government. Religious weddings, on the other hand, are not legally binding unless they are registered with the government.

Divorce in South Korea

Divorce is legal in South Korea and follows a similar registration process as marriage. Couples must register their intent to divorce at a local government office and go through a waiting period before the divorce is finalized.

Changing Attitudes Towards Marriage

In recent years, there has been a shift in attitudes towards marriage in South Korea. More young people are choosing to delay marriage or remain single due to economic pressures and a desire for personal fulfillment.

The Future of Marriage in South Korea

The future of marriage in South Korea remains uncertain. While marriage rates have declined in recent years, the country still places high value on family and traditional gender roles. It remains to be seen how these conflicting values will shape the future of marriage in South Korea.

What age do South Koreans get married?

According to Statistics Korea, in 2020 the average age at which men and women get married for the first time is 33.2 and 30.8 respectively. Often in marriages, men are older than women, and this age difference is typically intentional. In 2013, the cost per person for an average wedding exceeded 50 million won.

Can Kim marry Kim in Korea?

For a long time, there was a law prohibiting marriages between individuals with the same paternal surname and ancestral origin. However, in 1997, South Korea’s Constitutional Court declared the law unconstitutional. Later, in 2005, the civil code was amended to only prohibit marriages between closely related individuals.

Which country has the youngest marriage age?

Chad has the lowest average age for first marriage out of all the nations in the world, with an average of 19.2 years. Second and third place are held by Niger and Mozambique, both African countries, with average ages of 19.4 and 19.6 years respectively.

Is 10 year age gap OK for marriage in South Korea?

For these celebrity couples who found true love, age is just a number, even with significant age gaps of 12 years or more, which is considered meaningful in Korean culture because it represents a full zodiac cycle between partners.

What is the age gap in South Korea?

Korean age is a method used in South Korea to determine a person’s age, which is always one or two years greater than their international age. This is because South Koreans consider the time spent in the womb as a year of life, and everyone is considered to be one year old at birth. Additionally, everyone’s Korean age increases by one year every New Year’s Day.

Who pays for Korean wedding?

In Korea, it is traditional for the groom’s family to cover the expenses of the wedding, such as the venue and food. The bride’s family typically takes care of her wedding dress and other small expenses.

Some experts believe that the declining marriage rates in South Korea are due to economic factors. Many young people are struggling to find stable jobs and secure financial stability, making them hesitant to take on the financial burden of starting a family.

Furthermore, there is a growing trend of women in South Korea choosing to prioritize their careers and personal goals over marriage and motherhood. This shift in mindset is challenging traditional gender roles and societal expectations, leading to a broader conversation about the meaning and purpose of marriage in modern-day South Korea.

Despite these challenges, many South Koreans still see marriage as an essential part of life. Marriage is viewed as a way to fulfill social and cultural expectations, as well as a means to ensure financial security and stability. The government has even implemented policies aimed at promoting marriage and increasing birth rates.

Overall, the legal age for marriage in South Korea reflects the country’s commitment to protecting young individuals from forced marriages while ensuring that those who choose to marry are mature enough to make such a significant decision. However, with changing attitudes and economic pressures, the future of marriage in South Korea remains uncertain.

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