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What is the best age to get married in Korea?


Marriage is an important milestone in any person’s life, and in Korea, it is no different. However, the best age to get married in Korea is a topic of much debate. In this article, we will explore various factors that affect the ideal age of marriage in Korea.

Traditional expectations

In Korea, marriage is seen as a significant milestone and a rite of passage that most individuals are expected to undertake. Traditionally, Korean society expected men and women to get married in their early twenties. This was because it was believed that this was the best age for individuals to start a family and have children.

Economic considerations

In recent years, economic considerations have become increasingly important when considering the ideal age to get married. Many young Koreans now delay marriage until they have a stable job and are financially secure enough to support themselves and their partner.


Education is another factor that affects the ideal age to get married in Korea. In Korea, higher education is highly valued and many Koreans pursue degrees beyond undergraduate level. This means that many young Koreans delay marriage until they have completed their education.

Growing trend of late marriage

Over the past few decades, there has been a growing trend of late marriage in Korea. More and more Koreans are choosing to delay marriage until their late twenties or early thirties. This is due to various reasons such as pursuing career goals, travel, and personal growth.

Changing attitudes towards marriage

Attitudes towards marriage have also changed over the years in Korea. Young Koreans are now more independent and prioritize their own goals over traditional expectations of getting married. This has led to a shift towards marrying later in life when they feel ready.

Gender roles

Gender roles also play a significant role in determining the ideal age to get married in Korea. Women are often expected to marry earlier than men, and there is a social stigma attached to women who remain unmarried beyond their early thirties.

Parental pressure

Parental pressure is another factor that affects the ideal age to get married in Korea. Many parents still hold onto traditional expectations of early marriage and may pressure their children to get married before they are ready.


Religion can also play a role in determining the ideal age to get married in Korea. In Korea, Christianity is the most dominant religion, and many Christians believe in marrying young and starting a family as soon as possible.

Social status

Social status also plays a significant role in determining the ideal age to get married in Korea. Those from higher social classes tend to marry at an earlier age, whereas those from lower social classes may delay marriage due to economic reasons.

Divorce rates

Divorce rates in Korea have steadily increased over the years, which has led many Koreans to think more carefully about when they should get married. Many Koreans now delay marriage until they have found the right partner and are confident that their marriage will last.


In conclusion, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to what is the best age to get married in Korea. Various factors such as traditional expectations, economic considerations, education, changing attitudes towards marriage, gender roles, parental pressure, religion, social status, and divorce rates all play a role in determining when Koreans choose to get married. Ultimately, the decision of when to get married should be based on individual circumstances and personal preferences.

How long do people date in Korea before getting married?

In Korea, it’s common for couples to exchange rings to celebrate being together for 100 days. While dating in Korea can bring many enjoyable experiences, it’s also possible to have a fulfilling life without a partner. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make.

What is the legal age gap in Korea?

In South Korea, it is considered a violation of statutory rape laws when someone engages in consensual sexual activity with an individual under the age of 20 in Korean age.

Do Koreans get married fast?

Korean weddings are known for their brevity, prioritizing the comfort and enjoyment of guests over the couple’s wishes. Unlike in other cultures, where weddings are focused on the bride and groom, Korean weddings typically last no longer than 30 minutes as the attendees may not want to spend an entire day at a wedding.

Who pays for Korean wedding?

In Korea, it is traditional for the groom’s family to cover the expenses of the wedding, such as the venue and food. Meanwhile, the bride’s family typically pays for her wedding dress and other miscellaneous expenses.

Is kissing in public allowed in South Korea?

Public displays of affection, such as kissing, are frowned upon by older generations in South Korea as they are seen as very inappropriate. Although the younger generation finds it more acceptable, it is still discouraged by elders. Dressing well is considered an important aspect of showing respect in South Korean culture.

Do Korean guys marry foreigners?

In Korea, there is a common belief that the first son should marry a Korean in order to continue the family line. As a result, there is a general disapproval among Koreans towards their first son marrying a foreigner. This has made it difficult for multicultural relationships to become a normalized trend in Korea.

Another factor that can affect the ideal age to get married in Korea is the individual’s personal goals and aspirations. Some people prioritize their career or personal growth over marriage, while others may feel ready to settle down at a younger age. It’s important for individuals to evaluate their own priorities and decide when they feel ready to take on the commitment of marriage.

Additionally, cultural and regional differences may also impact the ideal age to get married in Korea. For example, people living in rural areas may have different expectations and attitudes towards marriage compared to those living in urban areas. It’s important to consider these factors when discussing the ideal age to get married in Korea.

Furthermore, societal norms and expectations are constantly evolving, which can make it difficult to determine a universal ideal age for marriage. As attitudes towards gender roles and traditional family structures continue to change, it’s likely that the ideal age for marriage will also shift over time.

Ultimately, the decision of when to get married should be based on individual circumstances and preferences. While there may be societal pressures or expectations to get married at a certain age, it’s important for individuals to prioritize their own happiness and well-being when making this important life decision.

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