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What is it called when you act cute in Korean?


Acting cute is a universal approach to get someone’s attention. In Korean culture, there is a particular term for this behavior. It is referred to as “aegyo,” which means “acting cute” or “displaying affection in a childlike manner.” Aegyo has become a popular trend in Korean pop culture and is commonly used by idols and actors to charm their fans.

The Origin of Aegyo

The origins of aegyo can be traced back to traditional Korean culture. It was believed that women who exhibited aegyo were more attractive and charming, and this behavior was encouraged. Over time, aegyo became more prevalent in Korean pop culture, and now it is used by both men and women as a way to show affection.

How to Do Aegyo

Aegyo is an art form that requires practice. The key to a successful aegyo display is to appear innocent, playful, and charming. Common techniques include using high-pitched voices, making exaggerated facial expressions, and using cute gestures like heart shapes with your hands.

Types of Aegyo

There are several types of aegyo, each with its unique characteristics. The most common types include baby voice aegyo, finger hearts aegyo, and heart-shaped pouts. Each type of aegyo has its unique appeal and is used in specific situations.

When to Use Aegyo

Aegyo can be used in various situations, such as when asking for favors or expressing gratitude. It is also commonly used in romantic situations as a way to show affection towards one’s partner. However, it is essential to use aegyo appropriately and not overdo it.

Aegyo in Korean Pop Culture

Aegyo has become a popular trend in Korean pop culture. Idols and actors frequently use aegyo as a way to engage with their fans and create a close relationship with them. Some idols are even known for their aegyo skills, and fans often request that they perform aegyo during fan meetings.

The Criticism of Aegyo

While aegyo is prevalent in Korean culture, it has also received criticism from some people who believe that it reinforces gender stereotypes and infantilizes women. Some argue that the pressure to appear cute can be harmful to women’s self-esteem and that it perpetuates the idea that women should be submissive.

The Influence of Aegyo on Fashion

Aegyo has also influenced Korean fashion, with many clothing brands incorporating cute, playful designs into their collections. The rise of Kawaii culture in Japan has also had an impact on Korean fashion, with many young people embracing cute and colorful styles.

Aegyo Beyond Korea

While aegyo is primarily associated with Korean culture, it has gained popularity worldwide, particularly in Asia. Many non-Korean fans of K-pop idols have embraced aegyo and even attempted to learn the techniques themselves.


Aegyo is a unique aspect of Korean culture that has gained popularity worldwide. While it has received criticism from some people, it remains an essential part of Korean pop culture and is used by many as a way to express affection and charm others.



What is kyeopta in Korean?

The Korean words “Kyeopta” and “bogoshipo” have meanings that are unique to Korean culture and are difficult to accurately translate into English. “Kyeopta” refers to something that is cute, while “bogoshipo” expresses the feeling of missing someone.

What is Kiyowo in Korean slang?

This notebook is lined, sized at 6×9, and contains 110 pages with the Korean Hangul word “Kiyowo,” which translates to “cute.”

How do you act cute in Korean text?

Aegyo (애교) is a way of being cute and playful in Korean culture, often associated with femininity but not exclusive to girls. It can be expressed through various methods while texting or communicating with others.

Why do Koreans say Nim?

The affix “-nim” is commonly added to show respect towards guests, customers, clients, and unfamiliar individuals. It is also used to show admiration and respect for individuals who possess great skill, intellect, knowledge, or hold a higher rank than oneself.

How do you flirt in Korean phrases?

In Korean, the act of flirting is expressed by the verb 추파를 던지다 (chupareul deonjida). This term is used when referring to the act of flirting.

What does Yeppuda mean?

To describe something as attractive, you can use the word “pretty” or the Korean word “예쁘다 (yeppeuda).”

Aegyo and Social Media

Aegyo has also become a popular trend on social media platforms, particularly in South Korea. Many users post videos of themselves performing aegyo, often using filters and cute animations to enhance their displays. Some social media influencers have even gained popularity for their aegyo skills, attracting a large following of fans.

Aegyo in Everyday Life

While aegyo is commonly associated with Korean pop culture, it has also become a part of everyday life for many Koreans. People often use aegyo to lighten the mood in social situations or to make someone feel more comfortable. It is also used as a way to apologize or show remorse for something.

The Evolution of Aegyo

While aegyo has been around for centuries, its use and meaning have evolved over time. Initially, it was seen as a way for women to appear more attractive and charming, but now it is used by both men and women as a way to express affection and playfulness. Aegyo has also become more diverse, with many different styles and techniques emerging.

The Future of Aegyo

As Korean pop culture continues to gain popularity worldwide, it is likely that aegyo will remain an important aspect of Korean identity. However, it is also important to recognize the criticism that aegyo has received and work towards creating a more inclusive and diverse culture that embraces different forms of expression. Ultimately, the future of aegyo will depend on how it evolves and adapts to changing cultural norms and values.

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