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What is a good salary in Korea per month?

What is a Good Salary in Korea per Month?

South Korea is an economically developed country that boasts a high standard of living. It has a highly educated workforce and a strong export-oriented economy. In this article, we will look at what constitutes a good salary in Korea per month and factors that determine it.

The Average Salary in Korea

According to the Korean Statistical Information Service, the average monthly income of Koreans is around 2.5 million KRW or $2,200. This includes all types of workers, from entry-level employees to CEOs. However, this figure varies depending on the industry, occupation, and location.

Factors Affecting Salaries in Korea

Korea has a hierarchical society where seniority and education are highly valued. Therefore, salaries are often determined by the level of education and experience. Additionally, the industry and company size also play a significant role in determining salaries.

Industries with High Salaries

Some of the industries with the highest salaries in Korea include finance, technology, and engineering. These industries require highly skilled workers and offer competitive compensation packages.

Industries with Low Salaries

On the other hand, some industries such as retail, hospitality, and agriculture pay relatively low salaries due to low skill requirements and high competition for jobs.

Location Matters

The cost of living varies greatly depending on where you live in Korea. For example, Seoul is one of the most expensive cities in the world, while smaller cities like Daegu or Gwangju offer a lower cost of living. Therefore, salaries also vary according to location.

Benefits and Perks

In Korea, companies often offer various benefits and perks such as health insurance, pension plans, and paid vacation. These additional benefits can significantly increase the overall compensation package.

Gender Pay Gap

Unfortunately, Korea still has a significant gender pay gap. Women in Korea earn around 63% of what men earn on average, and this gap is more pronounced in higher-paying industries.

Minimum Wage in Korea

The minimum wage in Korea currently stands at 8,720 KRW or $7.70 per hour. This rate is reviewed annually and adjusted accordingly by the Korean government.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Korean companies often offer career advancement opportunities for their employees. This can include promotions and salary increases based on performance and seniority. Therefore, it is not uncommon for Koreans to stay with the same company for their entire career.


In conclusion, a good salary in Korea per month varies greatly depending on the industry, occupation, location, and level of education and experience. However, a salary of at least 3 million KRW or $2,700 per month is generally considered a good salary in Korea that can provide a decent standard of living.

What is a good monthly salary in South Korea?

In December 2022, South Korea’s Monthly Earnings amounted to 3,428 USD, which is an increase compared to the previous figure of 2,632 USD in November 2022. Additional data can be found in the table below.

How much money do you need to survive a month in Korea?

When it comes to living expenses (not including rent), a family of four can expect to spend about 2,300,000 KRW per month (equivalent to 2,000 USD) on average throughout the country. Meanwhile, a single expat can expect to pay around 652,000 KRW (or 560 USD) per month (not including rent).

Is $100 dollars a lot in South Korea?

Based on my personal experience in Itaewon, you can get by with just US$100 a day. However, this area tends to be more expensive than other parts of Seoul, so bargaining is necessary to save money.

How much do I need to live comfortably in Seoul?

In Seoul, South Korea, the estimated monthly expenses for a family of four are $4,026.1 (5,300,602.0₩) without rent, while a single person’s estimated monthly costs are $1,113.5 (1,465,976.3₩) without rent. Compared to New York, Seoul is 22.5% cheaper, excluding rent expenses.

How much is average rent in Seoul?

As of February 2021, the typical monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Seoul, South Korea was approximately 510,000 South Korean won, which is an increase from the previous month’s amount of roughly 480,000 South Korean won.

How much is a house in South Korea in US dollars?

Typically, the cost of a small apartment or studio in Korea ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 million KRW (130,000-215,000 USD), while larger accommodations start at around 4 million KRW (340,000 USD).

It is worth noting that the cost of housing in Korea can be quite high, especially in major cities like Seoul. Rent for a small studio apartment in the city center can easily cost around 1 million KRW or $900 per month. Additionally, utility costs such as electricity, gas, and water can add up quickly.

Another factor that can affect salaries in Korea is language proficiency. Many companies require employees to be fluent in Korean and English, and those who are bilingual or multilingual may have an advantage when it comes to job opportunities and salary negotiations.

In recent years, the Korean government has implemented various policies aimed at reducing the gender pay gap and promoting equal pay for equal work. However, progress has been slow, and more work needs to be done to ensure fair compensation for all workers regardless of gender.

Finally, it is important to note that while a good salary can provide a comfortable standard of living in Korea, it is not the only factor to consider when evaluating job opportunities. Other factors such as work-life balance, company culture, and career growth opportunities should also be taken into account.

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