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What games do Korean play the most?

What games do Koreans play the most?


Koreans are known for their love of gaming, and it is no surprise that they have played a significant role in the growth of the global gaming industry. This article aims to explore what games Koreans play the most and why these games have become so popular.

The rise of mobile gaming in Korea

Mobile gaming has become increasingly popular in Korea, with games like “Lineage M” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile” dominating the market. This can be attributed to the convenience and accessibility of mobile gaming, as well as the widespread use of smartphones in Korea.

The popularity of PC bangs

PC bangs, or internet cafes, have been a staple in Korean gaming culture for years. Popular PC bang games include “League of Legends,” “Overwatch,” and “Starcraft.” The popularity of PC bangs can be attributed to their affordable prices, social atmosphere, and access to high-end gaming equipment.

The influence of esports

Esports has become a massive industry in Korea, with professional gamers earning millions of dollars in prize money. Popular esports games in Korea include “League of Legends,” “Starcraft II,” and “Hearthstone.” The rise of esports has also led to an increase in casual gaming interest among Koreans.

The impact of cultural preferences

Korean culture places a strong emphasis on teamwork and social interaction, which can be seen in the popularity of multiplayer games like “League of Legends” and “Overwatch.” Additionally, Korean gamers tend to prefer games that require strategy and critical thinking skills.

The love for role-playing games

Role-playing games (RPGs) have also gained a significant following in Korea. Games like “Lineage II” and “Black Desert Online” allow players to immerse themselves in virtual worlds and create their own unique characters. The popularity of RPGs can be attributed to their storytelling elements and ability to create a sense of community among players.

The nostalgia factor

Older games like “MapleStory” and “Tetris” continue to be popular among Koreans, due in part to the nostalgia factor. Many Koreans grew up playing these games and continue to enjoy them as a way to relive fond memories.

The influence of K-pop

K-pop has a massive fan base in Korea, and this has spilled over into the gaming industry. Games like “Superstar BTS” and “Piano Tiles 2” allow players to interact with their favorite K-pop artists in a virtual setting.

The impact of international trends

Koreans are also influenced by international gaming trends. Games like “Fortnite” and “Minecraft” have gained a significant following in Korea, thanks in part to their popularity in other parts of the world.

The growth of VR gaming

Virtual reality (VR) gaming has become increasingly popular in Korea, with games like “Beat Saber” and “Superhot VR” gaining a following. This can be attributed to the immersive experience that VR gaming provides, as well as the increasing availability of VR technology.

The impact of mobile esports

Mobile esports has also gained popularity in Korea, with games like “Clash Royale” and “Arena of Valor” leading the way. The convenience of mobile gaming, coupled with the competitive nature of esports, has made mobile esports an attractive option for many Korean gamers.


Koreans have a diverse range of gaming interests, from traditional PC games to mobile esports. The popularity of certain games can be attributed to cultural preferences, nostalgia, and international trends. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Korean gamers continue to shape and influence the global gaming landscape.

What games does Korean people play?

Lineage 2M, a popular Korean mobile game, is a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for Android and iOS devices. It has been developed by Netmarble and is based on the popular Lineage 2 PC MMORPG. The game mechanics are like its PC version.

What is the No 1 game in South Korea?

The following is a list of top mobile apps and their publishers: Brawl Stars published by Supercell, Genshin Impact by miHoYo Limited, PUBG Mobile by KRAFTON, Inc., and Ninja Must Die by Pandada Games, among others.

Do Koreans play a lot of video games?

In South Korea, video games are highly valued as a significant social activity, with most games involving teamwork or competition. The country has seen great success with their locally developed role-playing, first-person shooter, MMORPG, and mobile games, which have garnered immense popularity.

What do Koreans do for fun?

Contemporary Koreans engage in various activities such as playing video games, watching sports, and exploring nature. South Korea has also observed significant growth in social media usage, with Facebook being a widely used platform. Music plays a crucial role in the country’s culture, with over 50 traditional instruments and vocals used to create popular music.

What games do Koreans play online?

As of December 2022, a significant portion (38%) of the total time spent playing games in PC bangs (internet cafes) in South Korea was dedicated to playing the game League of Legends. The second most popular game, FIFA Online 4, accounted for approximately 16.3% of the total playtime. This data was recorded as of January 18, 2023.

What is the favourite game in Korean?

The most popular sports in South Korea are baseball and football (soccer), with the KBO baseball league being the most attended competition in the country. In a 2019 survey, 22.7% of South Korean fans named football as their favorite sport, while baseball came in second with 20.6%.

The impact of government regulations

The Korean government has implemented strict regulations on gaming in recent years, aimed at reducing gaming addiction and promoting healthy gaming habits. These regulations include curfews for underage gamers, limits on game time, and penalties for game companies that promote addictive gameplay. This has led to a shift towards more casual, non-addictive games among Korean gamers.

The rise of indie games

Indie games have gained a following in Korea, with titles like “To the Moon” and “Undertale” becoming popular among gamers. This can be attributed to their unique storytelling elements and emphasis on creativity and originality.

The influence of streaming platforms

Streaming platforms like Twitch and AfreecaTV have become popular among Korean gamers, providing a way for gamers to watch and interact with their favorite streamers. This has led to the rise of streaming culture in Korea, with many gamers aspiring to become professional streamers themselves.

The impact of social media

Social media has also played a role in shaping gaming trends in Korea. Platforms like KakaoTalk and Instagram have become popular among Korean gamers, providing a way for gamers to connect with each other and share their gaming experiences.

The importance of gaming cafes

Gaming cafes, or “PC bangs,” play an important role in Korean gaming culture, providing a social atmosphere where gamers can play together and interact with each other. Many cafes also offer food and drink options, further enhancing the social experience.

The rise of mobile MMORPGs

Mobile MMORPGs, or massively multiplayer online role-playing games, have gained popularity in Korea, with titles like “Lineage 2: Revolution” and “Black Desert Mobile” leading the way. These games offer a similar immersive experience to traditional PC MMORPGs but with the added convenience of mobile gaming.

The impact of gaming on the economy

Gaming has become a significant contributor to the Korean economy, with the gaming industry accounting for a significant portion of the country’s GDP. This has led to increased investment in gaming-related industries, such as esports and game development.

The importance of gaming culture in Korea

Gaming culture has become an integral part of Korean society, with gaming cafes and esports events attracting large crowds. The popularity of gaming has also led to increased acceptance of gaming as a legitimate form of entertainment and even career choice.

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