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What do South Koreans wear daily?


South Korea is one of the most vibrant and fashionable countries in the world. From K-pop to Korean dramas, the country has been making waves in the entertainment industry for years. But beyond their pop culture, South Koreans are known for their unique fashion sense. In this article, we will explore what South Koreans wear daily and why their fashion is so distinct.

Traditional Clothing

Hanbok is the traditional clothing of South Korea. It is a beautiful, vibrant attire that consists of a wrap-around skirt and a jacket. The materials used are usually silk, cotton, or satin. Although it is not worn daily, it is still a significant part of South Korean culture and is worn during special occasions such as weddings and festivals.


South Korea has a thriving streetwear culture, which has gained popularity worldwide. The country’s streetwear style is unique and often features oversized clothing, bold patterns, and bright colors. It’s not uncommon to see people wearing oversized t-shirts with graphics or logos, paired with loose-fitting pants or shorts.

Fashion Accessories

Accessories are an essential part of South Korean fashion. Hats and scarves are popular accessories, especially during the colder months. Baseball caps with slogans or logos are trendy among men, while women often wear berets or beanies. Scarves come in various materials such as wool, silk or chiffon.


South Korean beauty standards are high, and makeup is an integral part of daily life for many people. Women typically wear light makeup that enhances their natural features, such as tinted moisturizer and lip balm. However, some women also wear bold makeup looks that include colorful eyeshadows and lipsticks.


Footwear in South Korea varies depending on the season. During the summer, sandals and sneakers are popular, while boots and loafers are preferred in the winter. Sneakers are a must-have in any South Korean wardrobe, and many people opt for high-end designer brands like Nike or Adidas.

Business Attire

South Koreans take their work attire seriously, and business attire is conservative and formal. Men wear suits and ties, while women wear blouses and skirts or dresses. Neutral colors such as black, gray, and navy are commonly worn.

Casual Attire

Casual attire is more laid-back than business attire but still has a polished look. Women often wear blouses or sweaters paired with jeans or pants, while men wear collared shirts with khaki pants or jeans. Sneakers or loafers are also acceptable.


Outerwear is essential in South Korea due to the country’s cold winters. Coats come in various styles such as parkas, puffer jackets and wool coats. Fur-trimmed hoods are also popular.

School Uniforms

School uniforms are a common sight in South Korea. They consist of a blazer, skirt or pants, and a tie. The colors vary depending on the school, but navy is the most common color.

Wedding Attire

Weddings in South Korea are a grand affair, and the attire reflects that. The bride typically wears a white dress, while the groom wears a suit. Traditional Korean wedding attire may also be worn during the ceremony.


In conclusion, South Korean fashion is unique and diverse. From traditional hanbok to streetwear to business attire, there is something for everyone. Fashion plays an essential role in South Korean culture, and it can be seen in their daily lives. Whether you’re visiting South Korea or simply interested in their fashion, it’s easy to see why their style has gained global recognition.

What do South Koreans normally wear?

The hanbok, a traditional Korean garment, has retained its fundamental features throughout Korea’s long history but has evolved in terms of style and form depending on the social conditions, aesthetic preferences, and way of life during different periods.

What to wear and what not to wear in Korea?

In Korea, it’s advisable to avoid wearing tops that expose your shoulders, stomach, or have a deep neckline. Although cold shoulder, off-shoulder, and crop tops are trendy among Korean women, it’s better to limit such tops in your wardrobe, particularly tank tops.

What is fashionable in South Korea?

In Korea, the current streetwear trends feature oversized shirts, baggy jeans, and bucket hats. These styles are quite distinct from recent trends and were once considered to be a very niche trend.

Can you wear leggings in Korea?

It’s not recommended to wear leggings in public in Korea as you may attract unwanted attention. If you wear leggings to work or school, it’s likely that people will stare at you and deem your outfit inappropriate.

What do most Korean girls wear?

Wear a traditional Hanbok dress which is not only a traditional costume but also a popular fashion trend in modern times. Koreans often incorporate modernized Hanbok into their street fashion and even famous K-pop artists showcase Hanbok in their music videos.

How do girls dress in South Korea?

In Korean fashion, it is common for girls to tuck their tops and blouses into their skirts, shorts, or pants. Low waist bottoms are not popular and instead, the bottoms typically reach up to the naval button or natural waistline.

In recent years, South Korea has become a hub for fashion innovation and experimentation. Emerging designers and fashion brands are pushing the boundaries of what is considered traditional Korean fashion. Many of these designers incorporate elements of streetwear and Western fashion into their designs, creating a unique and modern aesthetic.

One trend that has gained popularity in South Korea is “K-fashion,” a term used to describe the country’s fashion industry. K-fashion encompasses all styles of fashion, including streetwear, high-end designer brands, and traditional clothing. The industry has been growing rapidly, with Korean fashion becoming more popular globally.

Another aspect of Korean fashion is its emphasis on sustainability. Many Korean brands are committed to using eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices. This focus on sustainability has contributed to the rise of slow fashion in South Korea, with consumers opting for high-quality, long-lasting pieces over fast fashion trends.

Overall, South Korean fashion is a reflection of the country’s unique culture and history. From traditional hanbok to modern streetwear, the fashion industry in South Korea continues to evolve and innovate. As K-fashion gains global recognition, it will be exciting to see how Korean designers continue to shape the future of fashion.

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