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What do Koreans do for hobbies?


Koreans have a rich culture and history that reflects in their hobbies. Whether it’s sports, arts or outdoor activities, Koreans love to indulge in their pastime. In this article, we will explore what Koreans do for hobbies and why these activities are so important to them.


Koreans are passionate about sports, especially baseball, football, and Taekwondo. Baseball is the most popular sport in Korea, and many people enjoy playing it for fun or watching it live. Football is also popular, and the Korean national team has qualified for the FIFA World Cup multiple times. Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art that has gained worldwide popularity over the years.


South Korea is known for its love of gaming. Whether it’s online games or video games, Koreans are dedicated players. Gaming cafes are prevalent throughout the country, where people go to play games with friends or other players. The rise of esports has also made gaming more competitive in Korea.

Outdoor Activities

Koreans love to spend time outdoors and enjoy various activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing. Hiking is a favorite pastime for many Koreans, and there are numerous hiking trails throughout the country. Camping is also popular, and many people enjoy spending a weekend in nature with friends and family.

Cultural Activities

Koreans love to engage in cultural activities such as traditional dance, music, and calligraphy. These activities are not only fun but also help preserve Korean culture. Many people take classes to learn these traditional arts.


Reading is a favorite hobby of many Koreans. There are many bookstores throughout the country, and Koreans are avid readers of both fiction and non-fiction books.

Baking & Cooking

Koreans also love to bake and cook, and many people take classes to learn new recipes. Korean cuisine is known for its unique flavors, and there are many traditional dishes that Koreans love to cook.


Photography is a popular hobby in Korea, and many people enjoy capturing the beauty of the country’s landscapes and cityscapes. There are many photography clubs and classes available for those who want to improve their skills.


Art is an important part of Korean culture, and many people enjoy painting, drawing, or sculpting. There are many art galleries throughout the country that showcase the work of Korean artists.

Movies & TV Shows

Koreans love to watch movies and TV shows, both domestic and international. Korean dramas in particular have gained a huge following worldwide, and many people enjoy watching them for entertainment.


Shopping is a favorite pastime for many Koreans, especially in cities like Seoul. There are many shopping districts throughout the country, and Koreans love to shop for clothes, makeup, and electronics.


Koreans value socializing with friends and family, whether it’s going out for drinks or having a BBQ. Spending time with loved ones is an essential part of Korean culture, and many people make it a priority to maintain strong relationships.


In conclusion, Koreans have a diverse range of hobbies that reflect their culture and interests. From sports to arts to outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone in Korea. These hobbies not only provide entertainment but also help Koreans connect with their heritage and each other.

What are typical Korean hobbies?

In Korea, hobbies are referred to as 취미 or chwimi and can encompass any activity that locals enjoy. Some popular hobbies include painting, reading, watching TV, playing music, as well as activities like shopping and walking.

What do Koreans like to do for fun?

Contemporary Koreans indulge in various activities such as playing video games, watching sports, and enjoying nature. Social media platforms have also gained immense popularity, with Facebook being a widely used platform in South Korea. Music plays a significant role in the culture of South Korea, and there are more than 50 traditional instruments employed in conjunction with the voice to create popular music.

What are Korean social habits?

Korean traditions involve following a moral code of behavior in social situations, as well as showing respect for elders and family. They highly value sincerity and loyalty and have specific cultural customs for interactions such as greeting, eating, praying, and celebrating. Unlike other cultures that may shake hands, Korean customs involve bowing.

What do South Koreans do for recreation?

South Korea has a diverse selection of leisure and athletic pursuits available, ranging from traditional martial arts like Taekwondo and judo to internationally recognized sports like football and baseball. Football is especially popular to watch, and there are numerous stadiums across the country.

What are top Korean hobbies?

Their interests include outdoor activities such as sports, socializing at coffee shops, and shopping. However, many also appreciate indoor activities such as watching Korean dramas or movies, chatting with friends, and indulging in tasty food. A popular hobby is listening to Korean pop music performed by renowned Korean artists.

Is kissing a big deal in Korea?

In South Korea, older people view public displays of affection such as kissing as inappropriate and disrespectful, although younger adults are beginning to view it as less taboo. Dressing well is highly valued in the country as a form of showing respect.


Koreans also have a love for music, both traditional and modern. K-pop has gained immense popularity globally in recent years, and many Koreans enjoy listening to and dancing to K-pop songs. Traditional Korean music such as Pansori and Gugak are also appreciated by many, and there are various performances and concerts held throughout the country.


Volunteering is also a popular hobby among Koreans as they value giving back to their community. Many people participate in volunteer activities such as cleaning up beaches, visiting nursing homes, or helping with disaster relief efforts. Volunteering not only benefits society but also provides a sense of fulfillment and purpose.


Gardening is another hobby that many Koreans enjoy, especially those living in urban areas with limited green space. People grow various plants and flowers on their balconies or rooftops. Some even participate in community gardens where they can share their gardening experience and produce with others.


Koreans love to travel both domestically and internationally. There are many beautiful places to visit in Korea, including historic sites, beaches, mountains, and temples. Koreans also enjoy traveling abroad to experience different cultures and try new foods.


Fashion is an essential part of Korean culture, and many people enjoy exploring different fashion trends. Koreans are known for their unique fashion sense, which is often influenced by K-pop idols and celebrities. Shopping for clothes and accessories is a popular pastime for many Koreans.

Language Learning

Koreans are known for their proficiency in languages, especially English. Many people take language classes to improve their skills or learn a new language altogether. Language learning is not only useful for communication but also helps broaden one’s perspective and understanding of different cultures.

DIY Projects

Koreans also love to engage in DIY projects, from home decor to crafting. Many people enjoy creating handmade items for themselves or as gifts for their loved ones. DIY activities not only provide a creative outlet but also help save money and reduce waste.

Sports Spectating

Watching sports is also a popular hobby among Koreans, whether it’s attending live games or watching on TV. Koreans are passionate about supporting their favorite teams and athletes, and the atmosphere at sporting events is often lively and enthusiastic.

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