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What do Korean people like as a gift?

What do Korean people like as a gift?

Gift-giving is an important part of Korean culture, and it is customary to present gifts on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and holidays. However, choosing the right gift can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with Korean customs and traditions. In this article, we will explore some popular gift ideas in Korea and explain why they are appreciated.

Traditional Korean Gifts

Traditional Korean gifts are always a safe bet, as they reflect the country’s rich cultural heritage. Some popular options include hanbok (traditional Korean clothing), pottery, calligraphy sets, and traditional tea sets. These gifts not only showcase the beauty of Korean art but also demonstrate your respect for Korean culture.

Food and Beverages

Food is an integral part of Korean culture, and gifting food items is a common practice. Some popular food gifts include Korean snacks, traditional tea, and ginseng products. Korean alcohol such as soju and makgeolli are also widely appreciated by locals and foreigners alike.

Beauty Products

Korean beauty products have become increasingly popular worldwide due to their high quality and innovative ingredients. Hence, gifting skincare products or makeup items could be an excellent choice for your loved ones. Some popular brands include Laneige, Innisfree, Etude House.


Koreans love gadgets and electronics, so if you are looking for a more expensive gift option, you might consider electronic items such as smartphones or headphones. Samsung and LG are two popular South Korean brands that offer high-quality electronic products.

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and accessories can be a great gift option if you know the recipient’s style and preferences. Korean fashion is known for its unique designs and high-quality materials, so gifting a trendy piece of clothing or accessory could be a hit.

Stationery Items

Stationery items are popular among Koreans, especially students, who take their studies seriously. Gifting a set of high-quality pens, notebooks, or planners could be an excellent choice for someone who loves to stay organized.

Gift Cards

If you are unsure about what to gift, consider giving a gift card. Gift cards allow the recipient to choose their desired item, and it is a practical option for those who are difficult to shop for. Some popular Korean brands that offer gift cards include Lotte Department Store, Shilla Duty-Free, and Hyundai Department Store.


Flowers have a special place in Korean culture and are often given as gifts on various occasions. Red roses symbolize love, while chrysanthemums represent longevity and good luck. If you are not sure which flowers to choose, consider consulting a florist.

Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are always appreciated as they show the effort and thoughtfulness put into creating them. If you have a particular skill such as knitting or painting, consider making something unique for your loved one.

Cultural Experiences

Gifting cultural experiences such as tickets to a traditional Korean performance or a visit to a historical site can be an unforgettable experience for your loved one. These experiences allow them to immerse themselves in Korean culture and create lasting memories.

Charitable Donations

Koreans value philanthropy and giving back to the community. Therefore, donating to a charity or volunteering in their name could be a meaningful gift option. Some popular charities in Korea include Good Neighbors, the Korean Red Cross, and UNICEF Korea.


Choosing the right gift can be challenging, but understanding Korean culture and customs can help you make an informed decision. Whether it is a traditional Korean gift or a modern gadget, the most important thing is to show your love and appreciation for your loved one.

What to bring to a Korean friends house?

It is suggested that you bring your own food and drinks to a Korean home party, even if the host is a close friend. This is because Koreans believe that what you wear reflects your personality, and it is considered impolite to wear anything that is smelly or dirty, especially since you will need to take off your shoes.

What is a good luck charm for Koreans?

An example of a Korean Good Luck Charm is the Pujok, which is a symbol- and pattern-inscribed piece of paper, typically yellow. This talisman is believed to protect against malicious spirits and bring good fortune.

How to gift someone in South Korea?

There are three ways to send a gift to someone in South Korea. First, you can send it through the postal service or through a private courier company like Eurosender, which offers competitive fees. Another option is to purchase a gift online and have it delivered directly to the recipient. Lastly, you can send money to the recipient via a wire transfer.

What presents do Koreans give on 100 day?

At this time, it is common for guests to give gifts of money, clothing, or gold rings to the child’s parents. Before leaving, guests are given packages of rice cakes and other foods to take with them as a symbol of good luck for the child’s long life and happiness.

What should I bring to a Korean family?

Items like flowers, fruits, alcohol, coffee, and meats are also appropriate gifts to bring for the Chuseok harvest celebration. However, to play it safe, it’s recommended to stick with bringing fruits. A nicely packaged box of Korean pears or apples would make a suitable gift.

What is a traditional Korean housewarming gift?

Housewarming parties in Korea, also known as jipdeuri, have a unique tradition where guests bring rolls of toilet paper or laundry detergent as gifts. This is different from the tradition in the US, where guests might bring food, snacks, or wine to a housewarming party.

It’s important to note that gift-giving in Korea is often reciprocal, meaning that if someone gives you a gift, it is customary to return the favor. However, it’s not always necessary to match the value of the gift you received. Instead, it’s the thought and effort that counts.

When presenting a gift in Korea, it’s also essential to follow proper etiquette. For example, gifts should be wrapped neatly and presented with both hands while bowing slightly. Avoid using red or white wrapping paper as these colors are associated with funerals and weddings, respectively.

It’s also worth considering the age and gender of the recipient when selecting a gift. For example, elderly Koreans often appreciate practical gifts such as health supplements or household items. Meanwhile, younger Koreans may prefer trendy fashion accessories or beauty products.

Finally, it’s important to remember that the sentiment behind the gift is more important than its monetary value. Whether you choose a traditional Korean gift or something more modern, make sure it reflects your appreciation and love for the recipient.

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