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What age is considered a minor in Korea?

What age is considered a minor in Korea?

South Korea is a country that values education, family, and community. Understanding the age of majority is important, as it affects the rights and responsibilities of individuals. In this article, we will explore what age is considered a minor in Korea, the legal rights and restrictions imposed on minors, and other relevant information.

The Age of Majority in Korea

In South Korea, the age of majority is 19 years old. This means that individuals who are 19 years old or older are legally considered adults and have all the rights and responsibilities associated with adulthood.

Minors in Korea

Minors in Korea are individuals who are under the age of 19. They are not legally considered adults and therefore do not have all the rights and responsibilities associated with adulthood. Minors are subject to certain legal restrictions that do not apply to adults.

Legal Rights of Minors

Minors in Korea have some legal rights. For example, they have the right to receive an education and to have access to healthcare. They also have the right to be protected from abuse and neglect.

Legal Restrictions on Minors

There are also many legal restrictions on minors in Korea. For example, they cannot vote or get married without parental consent. They also cannot purchase cigarettes, alcohol, or other items that are deemed harmful to minors.

Employment Restrictions for Minors

Minors in Korea face several employment restrictions. For example, they cannot work past a certain hour or work in certain industries that are deemed hazardous or harmful to minors.

Juvenile Law

Korea has a separate juvenile law system that is designed to protect minors who are charged with a crime. The system is focused on rehabilitation rather than punishment and aims to help minors become law-abiding citizens.

Legal Age for Driving

The legal age for driving in Korea is 18 years old. This means that individuals who are under the age of 18 are not legally allowed to drive, even if they have a license.

Legal Age for Drinking

The legal age for drinking in Korea is 19 years old. This means that individuals who are under the age of 19 are not legally allowed to drink alcohol.

Legal Age for Smoking

The legal age for smoking in Korea is 19 years old. This means that individuals who are under the age of 19 are not legally allowed to smoke cigarettes or other tobacco products.


In conclusion, the age of majority in Korea is 19 years old. Individuals who are not yet 19 years old are considered minors and have certain legal restrictions imposed on them. Understanding these restrictions is important for both minors and adults alike.

How old is a minor in South Korea?

In Korea, the legal age of adulthood is 19, according to international standards rather than Korean age. Once an individual reaches 19 years old, they are considered an adult.

Can I drink in Korea if I’m 18?

In Korea, the legal drinking age is 19. While it is permissible to consume alcohol in public, misbehavior while under the influence can lead to expensive penalties and a visit to the police station.

Is 16 and 18 legal in Korea?

In South Korea, individuals under the age of 19 are considered unable to give legal consent for sexual activity, and engaging in such activity can lead to charges of statutory rape or similar offenses under local law.

How old would a 17 year old be in Korean?

This guide teaches how to express your age in Korean as of 2023, providing the Korean phrases for ages ranging from 16 to 100+ based on birth year.

What is the legal age of marriage in South Korea?

The minimum legal age for marriage in South Korea is 18 years, and there are no exceptions to this rule.

Can you drive at 16 in Korea?

In South Korea, individuals can obtain a driving license for cars and motorcycles at 18 years old. Unlike most countries, South Korea also issues International Driving Permits to 16-year-olds due to a law in 2009 that made it mandatory for military cadets to learn how to drive a motor vehicle.

Age of Consent

Another important age-related law in Korea is the age of consent. The legal age of consent is 20 years old in Korea, which means that individuals who are under the age of 20 cannot legally engage in sexual activity. Sexual activity with a minor under the age of 13 is considered statutory rape and is punishable by law.

Emancipation of Minors

In some cases, minors in Korea may be able to become emancipated from their parents or legal guardians. Emancipation allows minors to have legal control over their own lives, including making decisions about education, healthcare, and finances. However, emancipation is not common in Korea and typically requires approval from a court.

Child Labor Laws

Korea has strict child labor laws that protect minors from being exploited in the workforce. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to work at all, while minors between the ages of 15 and 18 are subject to restrictions on working hours and industries. Violations of child labor laws can result in fines and other penalties for employers.

Protecting Minors Online

Korea also has laws designed to protect minors online. For example, websites that contain adult content must be certified as such and require users to verify their age before accessing the content. Additionally, social media platforms and online games must take measures to protect minors from cyberbullying and other forms of online harassment.

Parental Responsibility Laws

Korea also has laws that hold parents responsible for the actions of their minor children. For example, if a minor commits a crime, their parents may be held liable for damages or fines resulting from that crime. Additionally, parents may be required to pay child support until their minor child reaches the age of majority.

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