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Is South Korea nice to live?


South Korea is a popular destination for tourists and students looking to study abroad. However, many people wonder if it’s a nice place to live permanently. In this article, we will explore the various factors that make South Korea a great place to live, including its economy, education, healthcare, culture, and more.


South Korea is one of the world’s leading economies, with a strong focus on technology and innovation. The country has a high GDP per capita and low unemployment rate. This means that there are plenty of job opportunities available, especially in industries such as electronics, automotive, and telecommunications.


Education is highly valued in South Korea, with a strong emphasis on academic achievement. The country has a high literacy rate and a well-developed education system. Students consistently perform well in international tests, and there are many opportunities for further study at top universities in the country.


South Korea has a universal healthcare system that provides affordable medical care to all citizens. The country has a high life expectancy and low infant mortality rate. There are many hospitals and clinics located throughout the country, with modern facilities and highly trained medical professionals.


South Korea has an efficient public transportation system that includes buses, subways, trains, and taxis. The country has invested heavily in infrastructure over the years, resulting in well-maintained roads and highways that make it easy to get around.


South Korean culture is rich and diverse, with a blend of traditional and modern influences. The country is known for its music, film, fashion, and cuisine. There are many festivals and events held throughout the year that celebrate the culture and traditions of the country.


South Korea has a low crime rate, making it a safe place to live. The country has a well-trained police force and effective justice system. There are also many safety measures in place, such as CCTV cameras in public places and emergency response services.


South Korea has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. The summers can be hot and humid, while the winters can be cold and snowy. However, the country is well-prepared for all types of weather, with heating and cooling systems in homes and buildings.


South Korean cuisine is known for its spicy and flavorful dishes, such as kimchi and bibimbap. There are many restaurants and street vendors throughout the country that offer delicious and affordable food options.


South Korea has a beautiful natural landscape, with mountains, forests, and beaches. There are many national parks and hiking trails that offer scenic views and outdoor recreation opportunities.


The official language of South Korea is Korean, but many people also speak English. The country has a high level of English proficiency, especially among younger generations.


In summary, South Korea is a great place to live for many reasons. Its strong economy, well-developed education system, affordable healthcare, efficient transportation, rich culture, low crime rate, diverse climate, delicious food options, beautiful natural landscape, and high level of English proficiency make it an attractive destination for those looking to relocate to Asia.

Is it good to live in Korea as a foreigner?

Expatriates who move to South Korea can enjoy a comfortable and easy lifestyle due to the combination of high salaries and affordable living expenses. They will be warmly welcomed by both locals and other foreigners residing in the country.

Is it expensive to live in South Korea?

It is widely acknowledged that South Korea is a costly nation, with its capital city Seoul being consistently ranked among the world’s most expensive places to reside. According to the 2022 Mercer Cost of Living Survey, Seoul ranked as the 14th most expensive city out of 227 cities surveyed.

How safe is it to live in South Korea?

Compared to other developed nations, South Korea has a relatively low crime rate, which means the likelihood of experiencing any criminal incidents is quite low.

Do they speak English in Korea?

Seoul, the modern capital of South Korea, is not known for its widespread fluency in English among the local population. However, visitors may have better luck finding English speakers in popular tourist neighborhoods like Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, and Hongdae.

How much is rent in South Korea?

As of February 2021, the typical monthly rental cost for one-bedroom apartments in Seoul, South Korea was approximately 510,000 South Korean won, which increased from around 480,000 South Korean won in the previous month. This information is as of February 28, 2021.

Is $100 dollars a lot in South Korea?

Based on my personal experience, US$100 per day should be sufficient. However, I found that Itaewon was pricier than other areas in Seoul and haggling is necessary.


South Korea is a global leader in technology, with a highly advanced and innovative tech industry. The country is home to some of the world’s largest tech companies, such as Samsung and LG. This has led to a high level of technological infrastructure throughout the country, including widespread access to high-speed internet and a strong focus on digital innovation.

Social Etiquette

South Koreans place great importance on social etiquette and respect for others. This includes bowing as a sign of greeting or respect, removing shoes before entering homes or certain establishments, and using formal language when speaking to elders or those in positions of authority. While these traditions may take some time to get used to, they ultimately contribute to a polite and respectful society.


South Korea is known for its entertainment industry, particularly its music, television dramas, and movies. K-pop has become a global phenomenon, with many fans around the world. The country also produces high-quality television dramas, known as K-dramas, which have gained popularity worldwide. Additionally, South Korea has a thriving film industry that produces both commercial blockbusters and critically acclaimed indie films.


South Koreans have a strong sense of community and often prioritize the collective good over individual interests. This can be seen in the country’s emphasis on teamwork and collaboration in schools and workplaces. Additionally, there are many community organizations and events that bring people together for shared interests and causes.


South Korea has a diverse religious landscape, with Buddhism being the largest religion followed by Christianity and Confucianism. While religion does not play as prominent a role in daily life as it once did, it still holds an important place in South Korean culture. Many temples and shrines can be found throughout the country, offering a glimpse into its rich religious history.

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