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Is South Korea baby Friendly?


South Korea is a unique country with its own set of customs, traditions, and social norms. As a parent, it’s important to know whether or not South Korea is baby-friendly. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the country’s culture, infrastructure, and attitudes towards children to determine if it’s a good place for families with young kids.

Culture and Attitudes

South Koreans have a strong sense of community and family values. Children are often seen as the future of the country and are highly valued. However, there are some cultural differences that may be difficult for western parents to navigate. For example, it’s common for strangers to touch babies’ faces or hair without asking permission.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is a crucial factor when it comes to determining if a country is baby-friendly. In South Korea, the subway system is clean, efficient, and affordable. Most subway stations have elevators or escalators, making it easy to navigate with strollers or young children. However, buses can be more challenging as they don’t always have designated areas for strollers.

Childcare Options

There are a variety of childcare options available in South Korea including daycare centers and nanny services. Daycare centers are regulated by the government and offer affordable options for working parents. Some employers also offer on-site daycare facilities for their employees.

Baby Products and Supplies

Finding baby products and supplies in South Korea is relatively easy. Large department stores like Lotte Mart and E-Mart have baby sections with everything from diapers to formula. Additionally, there are numerous online shopping sites that cater specifically to parents.


South Korea has an excellent healthcare system with modern facilities and highly-trained medical professionals. Most hospitals have pediatric departments and offer specialized care for infants and children.

Parks and Recreation

South Korea has many parks and recreational areas that are great for families with young children. These areas often have playgrounds, picnic areas, and walking paths. Many parks also offer rental strollers and other baby gear.

Restaurants and Dining

South Korea is known for its delicious food, but dining out with young children can be challenging. Many restaurants don’t have high chairs or child-friendly menus. However, there are some family-friendly options available like fast food chains and kid-friendly cafes.

Language Barrier

One potential challenge for western parents in South Korea is the language barrier. While many Koreans speak English, it’s not always easy to communicate with locals who don’t speak the language. This can make navigating public transportation, ordering food, or seeking medical care more difficult.

Child Safety

Child safety is a top priority for parents, and South Korea has relatively low crime rates compared to other countries. However, there are some safety concerns to be aware of like traffic and pollution. It’s important to take precautions like using car seats and monitoring air quality levels.

Educational Opportunities

South Korea is known for its strong education system, which may be a draw for families with school-aged children. However, the pressure to excel academically can be intense and may not be suitable for all families.


Overall, South Korea can be a baby-friendly destination for families with young children. The country’s culture values children, public transportation is efficient, and there are many childcare options available. However, there are also challenges like the language barrier and dining out with young children. Ultimately, the decision to travel or live in South Korea with children will depend on each family’s unique circumstances and priorities.

Is Korea stroller friendly?

Seoul is a city that is generally accommodating to strollers. I personally explored the city using both a stroller and baby carrier.

Is South Korea safe with kids?

Compared to Western countries, the streets of Seoul are very secure and safe. While Korean parents tend to be protective of their children, Seoul is one of the safest cities in the world with very few incidents of violent crime. Although child abductions do occur, they are relatively infrequent.

Is Seoul child friendly?

Seoul is a vast metropolis that offers a range of attractions for visitors of all ages, including science museums, cafes for children, and parks designed for younger visitors, as well as various hotspots for those looking for unique experiences.

Do babies need a car seat in Korea?

In South Korea, laws have been put in place to promote road safety and reduce accidents, particularly for families with children. One of these laws mandates that children under the age of 6 must use an infant car seat while traveling in a moving car. This is aimed at providing greater protection for young passengers on the road.

Does Korea require car seats?

The law in South Korea mandates the use of car seats only for children under 6 years old. However, only around 12.4% of children aged 5 use such seats. The study did not cover the use of car seats for children aged 6 and above, but it is believed to be even lower.

Is South Korea safe for American tourists?

Is South Korea safe for tourists? Absolutely! Visitors often remark on the clean environment, welcoming locals, and low crime rates, especially for foreigners.

Parental Support

In South Korea, it’s common for family members to provide support and assistance to new parents. Grandparents often play an active role in childcare, which can be a great help to working parents. Additionally, there are many online communities and support groups for parents where they can connect and share advice.

Festivals and Events

South Korea is known for its vibrant festivals and events, many of which are family-friendly. From traditional cultural events like the Lunar New Year to modern music festivals, there’s always something happening in South Korea that the whole family can enjoy.

Toy Stores and Play Areas

There are many toy stores and play areas throughout South Korea that cater to young children. These spaces often have play equipment, games, and activities that are designed to stimulate the minds of young children. Some toy stores also offer classes and workshops for parents and children.

Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding in public is generally accepted in South Korea, but it’s important to be discreet. While there are no laws against breastfeeding in public, some people may still feel uncomfortable with it. Many public places like malls and airports have designated nursing rooms for mothers who prefer privacy.

Cultural Experiences

South Korea has a rich cultural heritage that families with young children can explore. From visiting historic sites like palaces and temples to attending traditional music and dance performances, there are many opportunities for families to learn about Korean culture together.

Accessibility for Children with Disabilities

South Korea has made significant strides in improving accessibility for people with disabilities, including children. Many public spaces have designated parking spots, ramps, and elevators for those with mobility issues. Additionally, there are many organizations and resources available to support families with children who have disabilities.

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