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How many Koreans live in Spain?


In this article, we will explore the number of Koreans who currently reside in Spain. The Korean population in Spain has been steadily increasing over the years, and it is important to understand the reasons behind this trend. We will delve into the history of Korean migration to Spain, the current state of the Korean community in Spain, and the challenges they face.

The History of Korean Migration to Spain

Korean migration to Spain began in the 1970s when a small number of Koreans moved to Spain for work as nurses or engineers. In the 1990s, there was a significant increase in Korean migration to Spain as many Koreans moved to the country to study or work as language teachers. Today, there are also many Korean business owners and entrepreneurs who have established successful businesses in Spain.

The Current State of the Korean Community in Spain

According to official statistics, there are approximately 7,000 Koreans living in Spain. However, this number is believed to be an underestimation as many Koreans may not be registered with the authorities or may be living there illegally. The majority of Koreans in Spain live in Madrid and Barcelona, where there are established Korean communities.

The Reasons Behind Korean Migration to Spain

There are several reasons why Koreans choose to migrate to Spain. Firstly, many Koreans move to Spain for education purposes as Spanish universities offer high-quality education and are relatively affordable compared to other countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom. Secondly, some Koreans move to Spain for work opportunities as there are many job openings for language teachers and engineers. Thirdly, some Koreans migrate to Spain to establish their own businesses.

The Challenges Faced by Koreans Living in Spain

Like any other immigrant community, Koreans living in Spain face several challenges. One of the major challenges is language barriers. Spanish is the official language in Spain, and many Koreans struggle to communicate effectively in Spanish. Additionally, many Koreans face discrimination and racism, which can make it difficult for them to integrate into Spanish society.

The Korean Community in Madrid

Madrid is home to the largest Korean community in Spain. The Korean community in Madrid has established several Korean associations and organizations that promote Korean culture and provide support to the community. There are also several Korean restaurants and grocery stores in Madrid that cater to the Korean community.

The Korean Community in Barcelona

Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain and is home to a significant number of Koreans. Like Madrid, there are several Korean associations and organizations in Barcelona that promote Korean culture and provide support to the Korean community.

Korean Businesses in Spain

There are several successful Korean businesses in Spain, particularly in the food and beauty industries. Korean restaurants and beauty shops have become increasingly popular among both Koreans and non-Koreans alike.

Korean Culture in Spain

Korean culture has a significant presence in Spain, especially in the form of K-pop music and Korean dramas. Many Spanish fans of K-pop music attend concerts by popular Korean bands such as BTS and Blackpink. Additionally, many Spanish fans of Korean dramas attend events such as the Korea Drama Awards.

Korean Festivals in Spain

There are several Korean festivals held in Spain each year that celebrate Korean culture. The most popular of these festivals is the Korea Week Festival, which takes place annually in Madrid and features traditional Korean dance performances, music concerts, and food stalls serving Korean cuisine.


In conclusion, the number of Koreans living in Spain has been steadily increasing over the years. While there are challenges faced by Koreans living in Spain, such as language barriers and discrimination, the Korean community in Spain has established several associations and organizations that provide support and promote Korean culture. Additionally, several successful Korean businesses have been established in Spain, and Korean culture has a significant presence in the country through K-pop music and Korean festivals.

Which European country has most Koreans?

The Korean community in Germany is the biggest in Europe, and the European Koreatown in London is the largest of its kind.

What country has the most Koreans?

The majority of Koreans living outside of Korea, around 84.5%, reside in only five countries which are China, the United States, Japan, Canada, and Uzbekistan. There are also Korean minorities greater than 0.5% in other countries such as Brazil, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia. This includes both permanent migrants and temporary residents.

How many Koreans live in Barcelona?

It is believed that there are around 1,500 immigrants from Korea currently living in Barcelona, while the estimated annual number of Korean tourists visiting the city is 450,000 as of May 12, 2019.

What city has the largest Korean population outside of Korea?

The regions of Southern California and the New York City Metropolitan Area have the highest numbers of Korean people residing outside of the Korean Peninsula.

Why are there many Koreans in Spain?

Their beginnings can be traced back to the 1960s, when migrant workers from South Korea were employed on deep-sea fishing vessels that were stationed on the island.

Which US city has the most Koreans?

This chart shows the number of Korean people living in various metropolitan areas. Los Angeles has the highest population with 326,000, followed by New York with 220,000, Washington with 96,000, and Seattle with 67,000.

The Future of the Korean Community in Spain

The future of the Korean community in Spain looks promising. As more Koreans migrate to Spain, the community will continue to grow and establish itself further. The Spanish government has also taken steps to support the integration of immigrant communities, including Koreans, into Spanish society.

Moreover, the recent signing of a free trade agreement between South Korea and the European Union is expected to increase trade between the two regions. This could lead to more Korean businesses establishing themselves in Spain and further strengthening the ties between Korea and Spain.


The Korean community in Spain is a small but significant one, with a growing number of Koreans choosing to migrate to Spain for education, work, and business opportunities. While there are challenges faced by Koreans living in Spain, such as language barriers and discrimination, the community has established itself and has made significant contributions to Spanish society. With the support of the Spanish government and continued growth in trade and business ties between Korea and Spain, the future looks bright for the Korean community in Spain.

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