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How many Koreans live in France?

The Korean population in France

France is a popular destination for many different nationalities, and the Korean community is no exception. In this article, we will explore the number of Koreans living in France and why they choose to call it home.

History of Korean immigration to France

The history of Korean immigration to France dates back to the early 20th century. Many Koreans came to France during the colonization of Korea by Japan. After World War II, some Koreans moved to France as students or political refugees. The number of Koreans immigrating to France has increased over the years, with many Koreans settling in Paris and its surrounding areas.

Current Korean population in France

According to the Embassy of South Korea in France, there are approximately 26,000 Koreans living in France. This number includes both South and North Koreans, although the majority are from South Korea. The Korean population in France is relatively small compared to other immigrant communities, but it is growing steadily.

Reasons for Korean immigration to France

Many Koreans move to France for education or work opportunities. French universities are among the most prestigious in the world, and many Korean students come to France to study in fields such as fashion, hospitality, and business. Others come to work in sectors such as technology or finance. Some Koreans also move to France for personal reasons, such as marriage or family reunification.

Challenges faced by the Korean community in France

Like any immigrant community, Koreans face challenges when they move to a new country. One of the biggest challenges is language barriers. French can be a difficult language to learn, and many Koreans struggle with French grammar and pronunciation. Another challenge is adapting to French culture, which may be quite different from Korean culture. Some Koreans also face discrimination or racism, although this is not common.

Korean community organizations in France

To help address some of these challenges, there are several Korean community organizations in France. These organizations provide support and resources to Koreans living in France, such as language classes or cultural events. Some of the most well-known organizations include the Korean Association in France and the Korean Cultural Center in Paris.

Korean-French relations

The relationship between Korea and France has historically been positive. France was one of the first Western countries to establish diplomatic relations with South Korea after the Korean War. Today, France is an important economic partner for both North and South Korea, with significant trade and investment between the countries.

Korean cultural influence in France

Korean culture has become increasingly popular in France in recent years. K-pop music and Korean dramas have gained a large following among French youth, and Korean cuisine is becoming more popular in restaurants throughout the country. The Korean wave, or Hallyu, has made a significant impact on French popular culture.

Future of the Korean community in France

The Korean community in France is expected to continue growing in the coming years. As more Koreans move to France for education and work opportunities, the community is likely to become more diverse and dynamic. However, it is important for Koreans to continue to work together and support one another to overcome any challenges they may face.


In conclusion, the Korean community in France is relatively small but growing steadily. Many Koreans move to France for education or work opportunities, while others move for personal reasons. While there are challenges faced by Koreans living in France, there are also many resources available to help support them. As the relationship between Korea and France continues to evolve, the Korean community in France is expected to play an increasingly important role in both countries.

How many Koreans are there in France?

As of 2014, the Korean community residing in France was comprised of 29,367 individuals, making them the third largest Korean diaspora community in Western Europe, as reported by South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

How many Korean people live in Paris?

As of Dec 12, 2017, there were over 15,000 Koreans residing in Paris, engaged in a range of occupations and lifestyles, with many pursuing careers and education in the arts.

Which European country has the most Koreans?

The largest Korean community in Europe can be found in Germany, while the largest Koreatown in Europe is located in London. Korean immigration to Latin America began in the 1950s, with North Korean prisoners of war settling in Chile in 1953 and Argentina in 1956 with the help of the International Red Cross.

Where is the biggest Korean community in Europe?

New Malden is a commercial and cultural center for the Korean community living in the UK, particularly for those of South Korean descent. With an estimated population of around 10,000, ethnic Koreans make up about one third of the area’s population, making it the largest South Korean community in Europe.

What city in France has the most Asians?

The 13th district of Paris is home to the Quartier Asiatique, the largest and most significant area for the Asian community in the city of Paris.

Which country has the most Koreans?

Korean people can be found all over the world, but the majority are concentrated in three countries: China (2.5 million ethnic Koreans), the United States (2.5 million ethnic Koreans), and Japan (818,000 ethnic Koreans).

Korean-French cultural exchange

The Korean community in France has also played a role in promoting cultural exchange between Korea and France. Many Korean cultural events are organized in France, such as traditional music and dance performances, art exhibitions, and film festivals. French audiences have also shown a growing interest in Korean culture, with many attending these events and exploring Korean cuisine and language.

Korean businesses in France

There are also many Korean-owned businesses in France, including restaurants, grocery stores, and beauty shops. These businesses not only serve the Korean community but also introduce French people to Korean products and services. Some Korean companies have also established operations in France, such as Samsung and LG, contributing to the French economy.

Korean-French political relations

The political relationship between Korea and France has also been strengthened in recent years. In 2013, French President Francois Hollande visited Korea, and in 2016, South Korean President Park Geun-hye visited France. The two countries have signed agreements on various issues such as nuclear safety, climate change, and defense cooperation.


In summary, the Korean community in France is an important part of the multicultural society of France. They contribute to the economy, promote cultural exchange between Korea and France, and strengthen the political relationship between the two countries. While challenges exist for Koreans living in France, they continue to work together and support one another to overcome these challenges and thrive in their new home.

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