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How many Koreans are in France?


France is a popular destination for both tourists and immigrants. As such, it is home to a diverse population comprising people from different ethnic backgrounds. One of the largest immigrant groups in France is the Korean community. In this article, we will explore how many Koreans are in France, the reasons behind their migration, and the impact they have had on French society.

History of Korean migration to France

The first wave of Korean immigrants to France occurred in the 1970s when Korean businesses began to expand overseas. During this time, many Korean businessmen moved to France to establish companies and develop trade relationships with French businesses. Since then, the number of Koreans in France has steadily increased.

Population statistics

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), there were 18,000 Koreans living in France in 2018. This represents a significant increase from 2010 when there were only 13,000 Koreans in France. The majority of Koreans in France live in Paris and its surrounding suburbs.

Reasons for migration

There are several reasons why Koreans migrate to France. One reason is for work opportunities. Many Koreans come to France to study or work in industries such as fashion, cosmetics, and technology. Another reason is for cultural exchange. French culture has a strong influence on Korean culture, and many Koreans are drawn to France’s art, music, and cuisine.

Community organizations

The Korean community in France has several organizations that serve as support systems for its members. These organizations provide services such as language classes, job placement assistance, and cultural events. Some of the organizations include the Association des Coréens de Paris (ACP) and the Association des Jeunes Coréens de France (AJCF).

Korean cuisine in France

Korean cuisine has become increasingly popular in France, with many Korean restaurants opening up in Paris and other major cities. Korean dishes such as kimchi, bibimbap, and bulgogi have gained a following among French foodies. Some Korean restaurants have even been awarded Michelin stars.

Impact on French culture

Koreans in France have had a significant impact on French culture. They have introduced Korean cuisine and fashion to French society, and have also contributed to the country’s economy through their businesses. The Korean community has also enriched French society through their cultural events and festivals.

Challenges faced by Koreans in France

Like any immigrant group, Koreans in France face certain challenges. One of the biggest challenges is language barriers. Many Koreans struggle to learn French, which can make it difficult for them to integrate into French society. Another challenge is discrimination. Some Koreans have reported experiencing discrimination in the workplace or in their daily lives.

Integration into French society

Despite the challenges they face, many Koreans in France have successfully integrated into French society. They participate in French cultural events and festivals, and many have adopted French customs and traditions. Some Koreans have even become naturalized French citizens.

Korean-French relations

Korea and France have a long-standing diplomatic relationship that dates back to the 19th century. In recent years, the two countries have strengthened their ties through increased trade and cultural exchange. The Korean community in France serves as a bridge between the two countries, fostering stronger relations between them.

The future of the Korean community in France

The number of Koreans in France is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. As the community grows, it will continue to make contributions to French society through its businesses and cultural events. The Korean community will also continue to serve as a link between Korea and France, strengthening their relationship.


The Korean community in France has come a long way since the first wave of immigration in the 1970s. Today, they are an integral part of French society, making contributions to its economy and culture. As the community continues to grow and thrive, it will continue to enrich French society and strengthen the relationship between Korea and France.

How many Koreans are there in France?

The Korean diaspora, or the community of people of Korean descent living outside of Korea, includes 25,417 individuals in France, 22,847 in Argentina, 20,983 in Singapore, 18,130 in Thailand, and many more in other countries.

Which European country has the most Koreans?

Germany has the biggest Korean population in Europe, with London having the largest Koreatown in Europe. Korean immigrants started moving to Latin America in the 1950s, with North Korean prisoners of war settling in Chile in 1953 and Argentina in 1956, with the help of the International Red Cross.

Where is the biggest Korean community in Europe?

New Malden, located in the south-west of London, has the largest Korean expatriate community in Europe. This thriving community includes 20,000 Koreans, with 600 of them being North Korean defectors. Although 600 may not seem like a significant number, it is the biggest population of North Korean expatriates in Europe.

What country has the most Koreans?

Despite a slight decline in recent years, the United States still has the largest population of South Korean immigrants in the world. Other countries with significant South Korean immigrant populations include Japan (456,000), China (145,000), Canada (133,000), and Australia (123,000). This information was reported on April 14, 2022.

How many Koreans are in Germany?

Germany has a population of over 40,000 individuals of Korean descent, many of whom were guest workers such as miners and nursing staff who played a vital role in the reconstruction of both nations.

What city has the most Koreans outside of Korea?

Koreans living in Southern California and the New York City Metropolitan Area make up the largest populations of Koreans outside of the Korean Peninsula.

Korean-French collaborations

The Korean community in France has also facilitated collaborations between Korean and French businesses. Many Korean companies have established branches in France, while French companies have expanded their operations to Korea. This has led to a greater exchange of ideas, technologies, and products between the two countries.

The role of education

Education has played a significant role in the integration of Koreans into French society. Many Koreans come to France to study, and some choose to stay after completing their education. French universities have also established partnerships with Korean universities, providing opportunities for cultural and academic exchange.

Korean-French art scene

The Korean community in France has also had an impact on the art scene. Many Korean artists have gained recognition in France, exhibiting their works in galleries and museums. The Korean community has also organized cultural events that showcase Korean art, music, and dance.


The presence of Koreans in France has added to the country’s cultural diversity and economic growth. Despite the challenges they face, Koreans have successfully integrated into French society and made significant contributions across various industries. As the community continues to grow and thrive, it will strengthen the relationship between Korea and France, fostering greater collaboration and exchange between the two nations.

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