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How many French people live in Korea?

The Number of French People Living in Korea

France and Korea have a long history of cultural and economic relations, which have led to many French people moving to Korea for various reasons. In this article, we will take a closer look at how many French people currently live in Korea and the reasons behind their migration.

The Historical Ties between France and Korea

France and Korea have had strong ties since the 19th century when French Catholic missionaries started working in Korea. Since then, there have been many cultural exchanges between the two countries, including the establishment of the French School in Seoul and the Korean Cultural Center in Paris. These exchanges have encouraged many French people to visit or stay in Korea, creating a vibrant community of expatriates.

The Demographic Profile of French People in Korea

The French community in Korea is diverse, with people from different backgrounds and professions. Some are students who come to study Korean or pursue higher education, while others are professionals working in various industries such as finance, technology, or tourism. The average age of French expatriates in Korea is around 30-40 years old, with a relatively equal gender distribution.

The Reasons for French People Moving to Korea

There are various reasons why French people decide to move to Korea. Some are attracted by the country’s rich cultural heritage and language, while others come for job opportunities or business ventures. Many French companies have branches or subsidiaries in Korea, offering employment opportunities for French nationals. Additionally, some French people who have married Koreans or have Korean ancestry also choose to settle in the country.

The Challenges of Living in Korea as a Foreigner

Living in a foreign country can be challenging, especially if you do not speak the language or are not familiar with the culture. French expatriates in Korea may face issues such as cultural differences, language barriers, and finding suitable housing. However, there are many resources available to help foreigners adjust to life in Korea, including language classes, expat communities, and government support programs.

The Role of the French Embassy in Korea

The French Embassy in Korea plays a crucial role in supporting French nationals living in the country. The embassy provides consular services such as passport and visa applications, legal assistance, and emergency support. Additionally, the embassy organizes cultural events and activities to promote French culture and foster ties between France and Korea.

The Economic Impact of French Expatriates in Korea

The presence of French expatriates in Korea has a significant economic impact on both countries. French companies operating in Korea contribute to job creation and economic growth, while Korean companies doing business with France benefit from increased trade and investment opportunities. Additionally, the spending habits of French expatriates in Korea contribute to the local economy by supporting various industries such as food, fashion, and entertainment.

The Social Impact of French Expatriates in Korea

French expatriates in Korea also have a social impact on the country. They bring new perspectives and ideas to Korean society and help bridge cultural gaps between France and Korea. Additionally, they contribute to the diversity of Korean society by introducing French cuisine, fashion, and art to local communities.

The Future of Franco-Korean Relations

The future of Franco-Korean relations looks promising, with both countries continuing to strengthen their ties through cultural exchanges, economic partnerships, and diplomatic efforts. As more French people move to Korea and vice versa, it is likely that these relations will only grow stronger.


In conclusion, the number of French people living in Korea is relatively small compared to other expatriate communities in the country. However, their impact on Korean society and the economy is significant, and they play a crucial role in promoting cultural exchange and strengthening ties between France and Korea.


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Who has the largest foreign population in Korea?

China has the largest number of immigrants living in Korea, with a reported 851,615 Chinese individuals residing in the country as of 2022.

Which European country has the most Koreans?

The largest Korean community in Europe can be found in Germany, while the largest European Koreatown is located in London. Korean immigration to Latin America started in the 1950s when North Korean prisoners of war migrated to Chile and Argentina under the International Red Cross.

How many foreigners live in South Korea?

As of December 2019, there were 2,524,656 non-Korean residents living in South Korea, not including those who were born outside of Korea but have since become South Korean citizens. The number of individuals who have been naturalized and obtained South Korean citizenship exceeded 200,000 in 2019.

Who is the biggest minority in Korea?

South Korea has a predominantly homogenous population, with over 99% of the population identifying as ethnically Korean. The Chinese minority in South Korea is relatively small, consisting of only around 20,000 individuals. This makes South Korea a country primarily inhabited by Koreans.

Where is the biggest Korean community in Europe?

New Malden, a suburb in southwest London, is known for having the most successful community of Korean expatriates in Europe. Out of a population of 20,000 Koreans, 600 are North Korean defectors, making it the biggest population of North Korean expats on the continent. Although 600 individuals may seem like a small number, it remains a noteworthy figure.

Where in USA are most Koreans?

The Korean population outside of the Korean Peninsula is most concentrated in Southern California and the New York City Metropolitan Area.

The Importance of Learning Korean for French Expatriates

Learning the Korean language can greatly benefit French expatriates living in Korea. Not only does it make daily life easier, but it also allows for better integration into Korean society and facilitates communication with local colleagues and clients. Additionally, speaking Korean can open up new job opportunities and help to establish stronger business relationships.

The Challenges of Leaving Family and Friends Behind

While moving to a new country can be exciting, it also means leaving family and friends behind. French expatriates in Korea may experience feelings of homesickness or loneliness, especially in the early stages of their stay. However, there are many ways to stay connected with loved ones back home, including video calls, social media, and sending care packages.

The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity

Cultural sensitivity is crucial when living in a foreign country. French expatriates in Korea should be aware of cultural differences and norms, such as bowing when greeting someone or removing shoes before entering a home. It is also important to respect Korean customs and traditions, such as honoring elders or observing traditional holidays.

The Benefits of Joining Expat Communities

Joining an expat community can be a great way for French expatriates in Korea to connect with like-minded individuals and make new friends. These communities often organize events and activities, such as language exchange programs or cultural outings, that allow for cultural exchange and socialization. Additionally, expat communities can provide valuable support and resources for navigating life in a new country.

The Impact of COVID-19 on French Expatriates in Korea

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people around the world, including French expatriates in Korea. Travel restrictions, quarantine measures, and remote work arrangements have challenged the expat community’s ability to travel and connect with loved ones. However, many have adapted to the new normal by participating in virtual events and finding creative ways to stay connected.

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