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Do Koreans wear promise rings?


Korean culture is known for its unique traditions and customs, with fashion and jewelry being a significant aspect of Korean lifestyle. Promise rings have become increasingly popular in Western countries in recent years, but do Koreans wear promise rings? In this article, we will explore the tradition of promise rings in Korea and whether it is a common practice among Koreans.

Korean Jewelry Culture

Koreans have a rich history of wearing jewelry as a way of expressing themselves. Jewelry is an essential part of Korean fashion, with many people wearing traditional and modern pieces. Koreans often wear jewelry to signify their status, wealth, or to show off their style. Many Koreans also believe that certain types of jewelry can bring good luck and fortune.

What are Promise Rings?

Promise rings are commonly exchanged between couples as a symbol of their commitment to each other. They are often given as a pre-engagement ring or as a promise to remain loyal and faithful in a relationship. Promise rings can be made from different materials such as gold, silver, or titanium, and can even include gemstones.

Promise Rings in Western Culture

In Western countries, promise rings have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many celebrities have been seen wearing them, which has helped to increase their popularity. Promise rings are often given as a sign of commitment before an engagement ring is presented or as a way for couples to show their love for each other.

Promise Rings in Korean Culture

In Korea, promise rings are not as common as they are in Western countries. Koreans have different ways of showing their commitment to each other, such as matching couple outfits or exchanging couple watches. However, there are still some Koreans who choose to exchange promise rings as a symbol of their love.

The Significance of Rings in Korean Culture

Rings have significant cultural meaning in Korea. Traditionally, Koreans wear rings on their index fingers to represent their social status. Married women wear rings on their left hand, while men wear them on their right hand. Rings are also worn to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck.

Wedding Rings in Korea

Wedding rings are an essential part of Korean weddings. They signify the couple’s commitment to each other and are often worn for life. Korean wedding rings are usually simple gold bands and are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, similar to Western traditions.

Korean Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are not as common in Korea as they are in Western countries. Instead, the groom-to-be will usually present his bride-to-be with a gift of money or jewelry as a symbol of his commitment to her.

Alternative Ways of Showing Commitment

As mentioned earlier, Koreans have different ways of showing their commitment to each other. Matching couple outfits and couple watches are popular among young couples. Some couples also choose to get matching tattoos or exchange promise letters instead of promise rings.

The Future of Promise Rings in Korea

As Korean culture becomes more globalized, it is possible that the tradition of promise rings will become more popular in Korea. However, it is unlikely that promise rings will ever become as popular as they are in Western countries due to cultural differences.


In conclusion, promise rings are not a common practice among Koreans, but there are still some who choose to exchange them as a symbol of their love and commitment. However, there are many other ways that Koreans show their commitment to each other through fashion and jewelry. As Korean culture continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see if the tradition of promise rings becomes more widespread.

Do Koreans have promise rings?

In South Korean culture, it is customary to exchange rings after 100 days of being in a relationship as a symbol of commitment.

What is the significance of couple rings in Korea?

In Korea, couples wear matching rings to show that they are in a serious relationship, and this is often used to signify when a couple has become official or when they celebrate their 100th day anniversary together.

Which is the ring finger for female in Korea?

In Korea, it is believed that the meaning of wearing a ring on the fourth finger is unchanged, no matter which hand it is worn on. This tradition has been observed for a long time.

How long do Korean couples date before getting engaged?

In Korea, it is common for couples to exchange rings when they reach 100 days of dating. While living in Korea, dating can be a fun experience with many positive aspects, but it is not necessary for a fulfilling life.

What is the Korean way of promise?

In Korean, the phrase ‘yak-sok’ translates to ‘I promise’. It is common to see two Korean individuals exchanging this phrase while intertwining their pinky fingers as a sign of commitment and trust.

Are promise rings an American thing?

The tradition of promise rings began in 16th century England as “posy rings” that featured engraved poems or messages. In the Victorian and Georgian periods, “acrostic rings” became popular, with gemstones arranged to spell out words like love or regard.

Korean couples often express their love and affection through other means besides jewelry. For example, they may celebrate anniversaries and special occasions by going on trips or having a romantic dinner together. Korean couples also enjoy spending time together, whether it’s watching movies, playing games, or engaging in outdoor activities.

Another way that Koreans show their commitment to each other is through the concept of “jeong.” Jeong is a unique Korean term that refers to a deep emotional connection between people. It is a feeling of affection, loyalty, and attachment that develops over time. Couples who have jeong for each other are said to have a strong bond and will do anything to support each other.

Jeong is often expressed through small gestures of kindness and care. For example, a partner may prepare a special meal for their loved one or surprise them with a thoughtful gift. These actions demonstrate the depth of their commitment and affection for each other.

In summary, while promise rings are not commonly exchanged among Koreans, there are still many other ways that they express their love and commitment to each other. Through fashion, jewelry, and other acts of kindness, Korean couples continue to strengthen their relationships and build strong bonds of affection and jeong.

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