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Do Koreans propose with rings?


Korean culture is rich and diverse, and as with any culture, it has its own traditions and customs. One of the most significant events in any person’s life is their proposal, and it often involves a ring. But what about Koreans? Do they propose with rings like other cultures? This article will delve into whether Koreans propose with rings, their engagement and wedding traditions, and how these traditions have evolved over time.

The Origins of Korean Engagement Traditions

Engagement traditions in Korea date back to ancient times, where the groom’s family would send a gift to the bride’s family as a proposal. The gift represented the groom’s willingness to marry the bride and was referred to as “pyebaek.” However, this tradition did not involve a ring.

Western Influence on Korean Proposal Traditions

During the 20th century, Korea was exposed to western culture through globalization. This exposure influenced Korean engagement traditions as they started adopting western practices such as proposing with an engagement ring.

Current Korean Proposal Trends

Today, Koreans do propose with rings. The trend has become more popular over the years, especially among younger couples who live in urban areas. However, there are still some who prefer to stick to traditional engagement practices.

The Role of Rings in Korean Proposals

In Korean proposals, the ring is seen as a symbol of commitment and love. It is often a diamond or gemstone ring that is presented to the bride-to-be during the proposal.

The Significance of Diamond Rings in Korean Proposals

Diamond rings are popular in Korean proposals because they symbolize eternal love and commitment. They are also seen as a status symbol, indicating that the groom can afford to buy an expensive ring for his bride-to-be.

Korean Engagement Ceremonies

Korean engagement ceremonies, also known as “Chungmae,” are similar to western engagement parties. The bride and groom exchange rings and gifts, and their families come together to celebrate the engagement.

Korean Wedding Traditions

Korean weddings are steeped in tradition, with many customs still being followed today. One of these includes the “Paebaek” ceremony, where the newlyweds bow to their parents-in-law and offer them gifts.

Modern Korean Weddings

While traditional Korean weddings are still popular, modern Korean weddings have become more westernized. Couples now opt for white wedding dresses and tuxedos, and the wedding ceremony is often held in a church.

Korean Honeymoon Traditions

In Korea, it is customary for newlyweds to go on a honeymoon. However, unlike western honeymoons where couples often travel abroad, Korean honeymoons are usually spent at a local resort or hotel.


In conclusion, while engagement traditions in Korea have evolved over time, Koreans do propose with rings. Diamond rings are popular among couples, representing eternal love and commitment. Korean weddings continue to be steeped in tradition, but modern trends have also influenced them. Regardless of these changes, the importance of marriage and family remains a significant part of Korean culture.

How do Korean people propose?

In the past, Korean men would propose to their girlfriends by sending a letter to her parents. However, nowadays it is more common for the couple to come to a mutual decision to get married.

Are couple rings common in Korea?

In Korea, there is yet another way for romantic partners to show their commitment to each other, aside from marriage or engagement: couple rings. Though the concept may seem strange to those unfamiliar with it, getting couple rings in the early stages of a romantic relationship is completely normal to many Koreans.Feb 18, 2023

Do Asians have engagement rings?

In Asian cultures, engagement and wedding rings are not as common or significant in comparison to Western traditions. Men often do not wear wedding rings at all, and women have started to wear wedding rings only quite recently compared to Christian-influenced countries.May 24, 2022

What are couple rings in Korea?

She discovered the concept of “Couple Rings” at that place. In accordance with South Korean customs, couples commemorate being together for 100 days by exchanging rings as a symbol of being committed to each other.

Do Koreans kneel when proposing?

In Korean culture, following the traditional Western proposal style is not common among men. Instead, Korean couples usually decide to get married after the men ask indirectly. Sometimes, the man will later get down on one knee to comfort his fiancee, who is already aware of their engagement.

How long do Korean couples date before getting engaged?

In South Korea, it is common for couples to exchange rings to celebrate their 100th day together. While dating in Korea can be enjoyable, it is not necessary for a fulfilling life. Having a partner can enhance experiences, but it is not the only way to have fun and happiness.

It is important to note that while the exchange of rings has become a common practice in Korean proposals, it is still not the only way to signify a commitment to marriage. Some couples may choose to exchange other meaningful gifts or simply express their love and commitment without the need for material objects.

Another unique aspect of Korean wedding traditions is the use of traditional wedding attire. The bride may wear a hanbok, which is a colorful and elegant Korean traditional dress. The groom may wear a hanbok as well or opt for a traditional Korean suit called a “gwanbok.” These outfits are often worn during the Paebaek ceremony as well.

In addition to the Paebaek ceremony during the wedding, there is also a tradition called the “Pyebaek” that takes place after the wedding ceremony. This is where the newlyweds bow to their parents and receive their blessings. The parents then throw dates and chestnuts at the couple, who must catch them with a cloth. The number of dates and chestnuts caught represents the number of children the couple will have.

Finally, after the wedding ceremony and Pyebaek, it is customary for the newlyweds to visit their respective families together. This is called “Chaebebop” and it symbolizes the couple’s unity and commitment to both families. They may bring gifts and offer their thanks to their families for their support and love throughout their lives.

Overall, while Korean engagement and wedding traditions have evolved over time due to western influence, they still hold significant meaning in Korean culture. From the exchange of rings to traditional attire and ceremonies, these traditions reflect the importance of family, commitment, and love in Korean society.

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