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Do Koreans need a visa for Spain?


Koreans are known for being passionate travelers, but when it comes to visiting Spain, many may wonder whether they need a visa or not. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on the visa requirements for Koreans traveling to Spain.

What is Schengen Visa?

Schengen Visa is a travel document that allows a person to travel to and within the Schengen Area. The Schengen Area is a group of 26 European countries that have abolished internal borders for free and unrestricted movement of people, goods, and services. Spain is one of the countries in the Schengen Area.

Who needs a Schengen Visa?

Citizens of certain countries are required to obtain a Schengen Visa before they can enter any of the Schengen Area countries. Koreans fall under this category and must obtain a Schengen Visa before traveling to Spain.

What type of visa do Koreans need for Spain?

Koreans who plan to visit Spain for tourism or business purposes for a period of fewer than 90 days require a Schengen Short-Stay Visa. This visa may also be referred to as a C-Visa.

How to apply for a Schengen Visa?

Koreans who wish to apply for a Schengen Visa must submit their application at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in Korea. The application process involves filling out an online application form, submitting supporting documents, paying the visa fee, and attending an interview if required.

Supporting documents required for a Schengen Visa application

The supporting documents required for a Schengen Visa application include a valid passport, passport-sized photos, travel itinerary, proof of accommodation, travel insurance, financial proof, and proof of ties to Korea.

How much does a Schengen Visa cost?

The cost of a Schengen Visa for Koreans is 80 euros. However, the visa fee may vary depending on the exchange rate and other factors.

How long does it take to process a Schengen Visa?

The processing time for a Schengen Visa application may take up to 15 days. However, in some cases, it may take longer depending on the volume of applications being processed.

What are the consequences of traveling without a visa?

Koreans who travel to Spain without a Schengen Visa will be denied entry and may be deported back to Korea. The traveler may also face legal consequences and may be barred from entering any Schengen Area country in the future.

Can Koreans extend their stay in Spain?

Koreans who wish to extend their stay in Spain beyond 90 days must apply for a long-term visa. This type of visa allows the holder to stay in Spain for more than 90 days for purposes such as work or study.


In summary, Koreans who plan to visit Spain must obtain a Schengen Short-Stay Visa before their trip. The application process involves submitting supporting documents and attending an interview if required. It is important to apply for the visa well in advance to avoid any delays or complications.

Do Korean citizens need a visa to enter Spain?

Starting in 2024, South Korean travelers planning to visit Spain will be required to obtain an ETIAS travel authorization before their trip. The application process for ETIAS Spain will be simple and completed entirely online.

Do Koreans need a visa to go to Europe?

South Korean citizens do not need a visa to travel to any country within the Schengen Area. They are exempt from visa requirements for all EU and EFTA countries that are part of Schengen.

Do South Koreans need Schengen?

ETIAS is an electronic system that authorizes visa-free travel to European countries. Starting in 2024, it will be mandatory for South Korean citizens to use this system when traveling to the Schengen Area. Information on ETIAS requirements for South Koreans can be found on this website.

Who can enter Spain without a visa?

As a result of Spain’s participation in the Schengen Agreement, American citizens can visit Spain for tourism or business purposes without a visa for up to 90 days. It is required that their passport remains valid for at least three months beyond their stay period and they must have enough funds for their trip as well as a return airline ticket.

Do Koreans need visa to Italy?

At present, South Koreans can travel to Italy without needing a visa. However, starting in 2024, they will require a visa waiver through the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) in order to visit the Schengen Area.

How long can Koreans stay in US without visa?

If you plan to travel in the United States for business, pleasure or just passing through, you can stay for a maximum of 90 days.

It is also important for Koreans to note that the Schengen Visa is only valid for a single entry or multiple entries within a specific period. This means that if a Korean citizen leaves the Schengen Area, they will not be allowed to re-enter without obtaining another visa.

Furthermore, it is crucial for Koreans to ensure that all supporting documents are in order and meet the requirements set by the Spanish Embassy or Consulate. Failure to provide the necessary documents or incomplete documentation may result in the rejection of the visa application.

Koreans should also keep in mind that the Schengen Visa does not guarantee entry into Spain or any other Schengen Area country. The final decision on whether to allow entry lies with the border authorities at the point of entry.

In conclusion, obtaining a Schengen Visa is a crucial step for Koreans planning to visit Spain. With proper preparation and attention to detail, Koreans can ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience in Spain.

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