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Did France take part in Korean War?


The Korean War was a conflict that lasted from 1950 to 1953, between North Korea, supported by the Soviet Union and China, and South Korea, supported by the United Nations. While the United States played a significant role in the war, many other countries also sent troops to fight alongside South Korea. In this article, we will explore whether France took part in the Korean War.

Background on French-Korean Relations

Before we delve into whether France took part in the Korean War, it’s important to understand the context of French-Korean relations at the time. France had a colonial presence in Southeast Asia, and as a result, was involved in Indochina. However, the relationship between France and Korea was limited, with no diplomatic relations or significant trade between the two countries.

France’s Position on the Korean War

While France did not have a significant presence in Korea before or during the war, it did take a position on the conflict. Initially, France was hesitant to get involved in the war, preferring instead to focus on its own conflicts in Indochina. However, as tensions escalated and more countries became involved, France ultimately decided to support South Korea and sent military aid.

French Military Aid to South Korea

Although France did not send troops to fight in Korea, it did provide military aid to South Korea. This aid included weapons and ammunition, as well as financial support. In addition, French pilots flew missions for the United States Air Force during the war.

French Red Cross in Korea

Another way that France assisted during the Korean War was through its Red Cross. The French Red Cross sent medical personnel and supplies to South Korea to assist with the humanitarian crisis caused by the war.

France’s Role in Armistice Negotiations

As the war drew to a close, France played a role in the armistice negotiations between North and South Korea. French diplomats were part of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission, which was responsible for monitoring the armistice.

French Casualties in Korea

While France did not have troops fighting in Korea, there were still French casualties during the war. French civilians and soldiers were among those killed during the conflict.

Impact of French Involvement in the Korean War

While France’s involvement in the Korean War was limited, it had an impact on the conflict. The military aid provided by France helped to support South Korea, and French diplomats played a role in the peace negotiations that ended the war.

Comparison to Other Countries’ Involvement

Compared to other countries, such as the United States and China, France’s involvement in the Korean War was relatively minor. However, it still played a role in supporting South Korea and contributing to the overall efforts to end the conflict.

Legacy of French Involvement in Korean War

Today, France’s involvement in the Korean War is largely forgotten. However, it did have an impact on the conflict at the time, and it is important to recognize the contributions made by all countries involved.


In conclusion, while France did not send troops to fight in Korea, it did provide military aid and played a role in the peace negotiations that ended the war. Although its involvement was relatively minor compared to other countries, France’s contributions should not be overlooked.

What countries got involved in Korean War?

The conflict between North Korea and South Korea, which lasted from 1950 to 1953, is commonly referred to as the Korean War but goes by other names as well. It started when North Korea launched an attack on South Korea on June 25, 1950, after several border skirmishes and uprisings in the southern part of the peninsula.

Did the French Foreign Legion fight in Korea?

The BF-ONU was a unit of French soldiers, both active and reserve, who volunteered to join the UN force fighting in the Korean War. They were sent to the Korean Peninsula to aid in the conflict.

When did France control Korea?

The French expedition to Korea, also known as the “Byeong-in yangyo” in Korean and the “Expédition française en Corée” in French, was a punitive mission carried out in 1866 by the Second French Empire against Joseon Korea as a response to the killing of seven French Catholic missionaries. The conflict, which took place in and around Ganghwa Island, lasted for almost six weeks.

Which country suffered the most in the Korean War?

North Korea experienced the highest number of fatalities during the Korean War.

What country helped the most in Korean War?

Australia was among the earliest nations to provide military personnel from all three branches of service during the Korean War. The United States of America was the largest contributor to the UN effort and at one point had 140,000 personnel in direct combat roles in the conflict.

Was France involved in the Vietnam War?

France’s main goal in Vietnam was to regain control over their former colony, which lasted for seven years. The French military fought against a Communist-led movement pushing for national liberation, and did not consider the possibility of Vietnam gaining independence outside of Communist influence.

It’s worth noting that France’s involvement in the Korean War was not without controversy. Some French citizens and politicians were opposed to supporting South Korea, viewing it as an American-led conflict that did not directly concern France. Additionally, France’s involvement in Indochina at the time made it difficult for the country to devote significant resources to the Korean War.

Despite these challenges, France ultimately chose to support South Korea and contribute to the efforts to end the conflict. Today, France maintains diplomatic relations with both North and South Korea, and has been involved in efforts to promote peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

Overall, France’s involvement in the Korean War highlights the complex web of international relations and alliances that characterized the Cold War era. While France was not a major player in the conflict, its contributions helped to support South Korea and played a role in the eventual resolution of the conflict.

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